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Customizing Delivery Methods and Delivery Details

The Delivery_Method_vod field indicates how an HCP would like to receive a reply to a Medical Inquiry. For more information, see the Delivery Method sub-section of Components of a Medical Inquiry.

Adding Optional Delivery Methods

Aside from the primary delivery method, additional delivery details can be entered using the optional delivery method section signals. This configuration supports additional channels for which an HCP can receive a reply to an Medical Inquiry.

All primary delivery methods are also supported as optional delivery methods using section signals. Optional delivery methods can be configured for mail, phone, fax, and email. However, the primary delivery method cannot also be used as an optional delivery method on the same inquiry. For example, if the primary delivery method is mail, mail cannot also be an optional delivery method. This is enforced by the user interface.

Section Signal


--eom Allows the user to specify mail or urgent mail as an optional delivery method.
--eop Allows the user to specify phone as an optional delivery method.
--eof Allows the user to specify fax as an optional delivery method.
--eoe Allows the user to specify email as an optional delivery method.

Changing the Delivery Method Default Value

Any default value configured on the record type supersedes the value selected from the Delivery_Method_vod picklist.

To change the default value on the record type:

  1. Navigate to the Medical_Inquiry_vod object.
  2. Select Medical Inquiry in the Record Types section.
  3. Select Edit for the appropriate Field in the Picklists Available for Editing section.
  4. Move the desired default value from the Available Values list to the Selected Values list.
  5. Select Save.

Only fields related to the Mail and Urgent Mail delivery methods are supported. These include Address_Line_1_vod, Address_Line_2_vod, City_vod, State_vod, Zip_vod, and Country_vod.

Allowing Users to Add a New Delivery Detail

By default, after a delivery method is selected, the appropriate delivery details picklist displays. However, section signals allow the user to enter new details as well. For example, if an HCP wants to be contacted by phone but the Account record does contain the desired phone contact number, the user can select the New Phone Number check box. The Phone_vod field displays, allowing the user to enter a new phone number. The following table lists section signals for configuring delivery methods:

Delivery method section signals must be placed in the same section of the page layout as the zvod_Delivery_Method_vod field.

Section Signal



Allows the user to toggle between the Address picklist and an entry form for Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, and Zip Code.

--anp Allows the user to toggle between the phone picklist and an entry form with the Phone Number field.


Allows the user to toggle between the fax picklist and an entry form with the Fax Number field.

--ane Allows the user to toggle between the email picklist and an entry form with the Email field.

Adding a Custom Delivery Method

To add a custom delivery method, add record type values for MIF and MIFR that match exactly the API name of the picklist value of the custom field.

Customizing Unlock Privileges

Browser only.

Once a Medical Inquiry is submitted, the Lock_vod field is enabled and the record is no longer editable. However, users with FLS edit permission to the Lock_vod field see an Unlock button when viewing a Medical Inquiry. Selecting the Unlock button disables Lock_vod and changes the Status_vod field to Saved_vod.

To prevent users from unlocking records, grant FLS read permission to the Lock_vod field, Submit_vod button on the page layout, and Submitted_vod picklist value in the Status_vod field.

Users who have Modify All privileges can bypass the lock.

Adding or Removing Buttons for Medical Inquiries

The Save, Submit, and Clone custom buttons are configurable for Medical Inquiries. They can be added or removed from a user’s page layout to control availability to these functions.

To prevent a user from saving, submitting, or cloning Medical Inquiries, remove the Save_vod, Submit_vod, and clone_vod custom buttons from the page layout.

When using the Clone_vod button, the Signature_vod, Product , and Inquiry_Text_vod fields are not copied to the cloned record.

Adding Disclaimer Text

Disclaimer text can be added to the bottom of the page. This content is often recommended or required by a medical or pharmaceutical provider's legal department. Customers can add custom notices that specifically meet their needs.

To add disclaimer text:

  1. Open the DISCLAIMER message from the MEDICAL_INQUIRY category on the Veeva Messages tab.
  2. Select the Edit button.
  3. Deactivate the message.
  4. Select Save.
  5. Select the Clone button.
  6. Make the cloned Veeva Message active.
  7. Enter a new External ID.
  8. Replace the default text with the desired disclaimer text in the Text field.

    Disclaimer text is limited to 1000 characters.

  9. Select Save.
  10. Ensure the zvod_Disclaimer_vod field is on the appropriate profile page layout.

The disclaimer text displayed to the MSL is stamped on the Disclaimer_vod field when the record is saved.

If a user has read access or higher to the Signature_Page_vod object and a VMOC for the Signature_Page_vod object, they must also have a Medical Inquiry-specific Signature Page Record or the Disclaimer text does not display.