Child Accounts in Veeva CRM

In some organizations, the relationship between the person account and business account is an integral part of the call that can affect other areas of CRM functionality. In Veeva CRM, this relationship is modeled using Child Account records, which display person and location information together as one unique record. This enables users to accurately record interactions against the relationship.

The following modules support child accounts. For more information on using child accounts in each module, select the topics listed below.


Account Hierarchy

Displaying Child Accounts for an Account Hierarchy

Account Wizards

Enabling Child Account Fields in Wizards

Core Accounts

Working with Child Accounts

My Accounts

Call Reporting


Events Management


Product Metrics for Child Accounts

Medical Events

Child Accounts in Medical Events

Multichannel Cycle Plans

My Schedule


For some types of VMOCs, special considerations apply when using VMOCs with child accounts. See Using VMobile Object Configurations for more information.