Supporting Child Accounts in Surveys

Customers can select child accounts as Survey Targets. When survey admins create a survey, they can select Child Accounts as the target account type, indicating the survey should be completed only against child accounts: a person at a particular location. See Child Accounts for more information.

For example, Verteo Biopharma wants to survey all doctors at Chilton Memorial Hospital. Larry Lakes creates a survey and assigns it to all the child accounts for Verteo Biopharma. When Sarah Jones visits Dr. Ackerman, who works in Chilton Memorial Hospital, she is able to execute the survey for Dr. Ackerman.

Considerations for Using Child Accounts in Surveys

Before using child accounts with surveys, consider the following items:

  • When creating a survey target account in a child account enabled org, the user must select either an account or child account before available surveys display on the Account Page related list or the Call Report
  • In child account enabled orgs, the address does not display in the Survey Target creation wizard from the Survey Target home page
  • In child account enabled orgs, users can search for Survey Targets on the Survey Target home page using Furigana
  • Surveys targeting child accounts cannot be added from the Survey Management screen.

Configuring Child Accounts in Surveys


Ensure the following features are configured for all users:

  • Surveys
  • Child Accounts

Enabling Surveys for Child Accounts

  1. Grant the following object and FLS permissions:
Object Field Survey Designer End User
Survey_vod Target_Type_vod Edit Read





Survey_Target_vod Location_Entity_Reference_ID_vod n/a Edit





Survey_Target_vod Target_Type_vod Edit Edit
  1. Add the Target_Type_vod field on the Survey_vod object to the Survey page layout for survey admins.
  2. Add the Survey Targets (Account) related list to the Child_Account_vod object page layout for end users.

Data Loading Survey Targets for Child Accounts

Survey admins can data-load survey target accounts, create both one-time and recurring surveys, clone surveys, and translate surveys.

The system stamps the Child_Account_vod value on the Survey Target when it is data loaded.

When data loading survey targets for child accounts:

  1. Ensure the No_Autoassign_vod field on the Survey_Target_vod record is enabled. The survey target account owner must be assigned by the data load. The publishing process does not assign survey target account ownership.
  2. Ensure both the Account_vod and Location_vod fields on the Survey_Target_vod record are populated.

Survey Execution and Monitoring Results for Child Accounts

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Browser

End users can execute survey targets that target child accounts from the Survey Target page, the Call Report, the Account page related list, and the Child Account page related list.

From the Survey Management screen, survey admins can monitor survey results and segmentation data collected from survey targets that target child accounts.

This feature is only supported for the CRM channel.