Product Metrics for Child Accounts

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To assist users in Call targeting and Call scheduling and Account Location, Product Metrics can now be associated to Child Account records.

For example, Dr. Ackerman’s prescribing habits for certain products are formed by which organization he is associated with. Users can now record the doctors position on those products and have that information available when recording a Call.

Enabling Product Metrics for Child Accounts

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable the Enable_Child_Account_vod Veeva Setting with a value of 1.
  2. Change the Account_vod relationship on the Product_Metrics_vod object from Master-Detail to Lookup.
  3. Grant FLS read permission to the following fields on the Product_Metrics_vod object:
    • Location_Parent_vod
    • Location_Child_vod
    • Location_vod

    To edit product metrics when detail groups are enabled, grant users Modify All object permission to the Product_Metrics_vod object.

    Location_Child_vod and Location_Parent_vod are automatically stamped upon creation, but are not maintained in case of changes to the Child Account Records.

  4. Grant users FLS read permission to the zvod_Child_Account_Ratings_vod field on the Child_Account_vod object.
  5. Place the zvod_Child_Account_Ratings_vod marker field in its own section on the Child Account page layout.
  6. Update the Product_Metrics_vod VMOC with the following Where clause: 

    WHERE (Account_vod__r.Name != null ) or (Location_vod__r.Child_Account_vod__r.Name != null and Location_vod__r.Parent_Account_vod__r.Name != null)

    Set VMOC's Account Lookup to "--none--".

Using Product Metrics for Child Accounts

Users can view and update Product Metrics from the Child Account detail page when the Ratings Visualforce control is placed on the page layout. The same logic applies for Product Metrics for Child Account as the Product Metrics for Account.