Introduction to Veeva CRM 18R1

Many new features can be enabled with Veeva CRM 18R1. This document provides a brief explanation of each new feature and updates to existing features.

Veeva CRM 18R1 brings major improvements across the full suite of applications, providing enhancements to optimize user experience and maximize productivity.


Detailed instructions for settings required to fully enable these, as well as all the new features in Veeva CRM 18R1, can be found by following the links in New in Veeva CRM 18R1 topic.

  • Accounts Plans Export to PPT - quickly create presentations by exporting Account Plan header and related object data directly into a PowerPoint file
  • MyInsights Enhancements - introduces MyInsights for Inventory Monitoring, enforcing MyInsights visualization review prior to Order submission, and added object support for Deep Linking
  • Target Specific CLM Presentation during Vault to Vault Copy - streamlines the MLR process so it can all be controlled by the storyboard utilizing the Vault Create Related Document feature. Content agencies can use Vault-to-Vault copy, select the Multichannel Presentation placeholder already linked to the storyboard document, and migrate the completed content to the linked presentation.
  • Vault Metadata Sync - decreases Vault to CRM integration issues due to mismatched external IDs by pushing CRM metadata such as products, directories, surveys, and content type to Vault
  • Sunrise Evaluation App - previews a portion of the upcoming Sunrise UI in your sandbox org (available with the production upgrade on April 13, 2018.)

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features are delivered disabled by default; however users are able to view the following features immediately:

Account Management

  • Four additional columns display in the View User Territory widget: Role, Email, Phone, Cell
  • The Launch Media button now displays on the Child Account detail page
  • The Account Preview page now displays the appropriate TSF page layout per the record type that matches the translated value
  • A confirmation prompt automatically displays when executing a Suggestion to schedule a call

Call Reporting

  • If the Call_Followup_Template_vod record is not marked as the default selection, iPad users must use the blank Subject pick list in the Follow-up Activities section of a Call and must select the appropriate Call_Followup_Template_vod record
  • When creating a call from CLM, the location is locked after it is selected

Call Sampling

  • On Veeva CRM for iPad, in Samples Single Entry Mode, the title reflects the picklist values displayed. When selecting a product from that pop-up, the back button always displays.

Events Management

  • The following fields on the EM_Attendee_vod object overwrite online values with offline values to prioritize information captured offline:
  • Status_vod
  • Meal_Opt_In_vod
  • Signature_vod
  • Signature_Datetime_vod
  • For Online, iPad, and Windows Tablet users, if the New button is removed from the Attendee related list on an EM_Event_vod object page layout, the Add Attendee button no longer displays on the Manage_Attendees_vod Visualforce page


  • When selecting a link from Home Page Alerts, Home Page Cycle Plans, and Sample Inventory a new page displays containing a top menu and a sidebar


  • Approved Email
  • The list of templates on the Email Templates screen is now in alphabetical order on the Browser (Classic) platform
  • Email Fragments are now inserted into the body of an Approved Email in the same order as selected
  • Admins can now sync after assigning multiple countries to an Email Template or Email Fragment in Vault. The External ID of the first country alphabetically is used for product mapping
  • Engage
  • For Approved Email users, Engage now prompts iPad users to send updated invitations after rescheduling an Engage meeting call in My Schedule


  • When Shadow Accounts are enabled, Accounts are reimported from Network when all fields on a DCR are rejected
  • For Online, iPad, and Windows Tablet users, Edit Address DCRs can be submitted with a Null value in the License Expiration Date field

Order Management

  • Windows Tablet and Online users, Total Order Payment terms are cleared and reset to the default values after a Smart Edit

Scheduling and Planning

  • The applied filters do not clear when changing display-by attributes in My Schedule for classic Cycle Plans

What's New in Veeva CRM 18R1

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation.

Core CRM

Events Management

Inventory Monitoring


  • Engage
  • Displaying Device and Network Type


Network Integration



Advanced Account Search

Windows Tablet users can now use Advanced Search to search for accounts based on existing fields with a page-specific search bar in the MyAccounts page. See Advanced Account Search for more information.


OnExit Functions

The following OnExit functions are now supported on the Windows Tablet platform: createRecordsOnExit(), updateRecordsonExit() and updateCurrentRecordsOnExit(). See Saving to CRM when Exiting CLM for more information.

Events Management

Event Attendee Record Type Mapping

Event Attendee Record Type Mapping is supported on the Windows Tablet platform. See Event Attendee Record Type Mapping for more information.

Configurable Topic Warnings for Speakers

The Recent Events and Utilization Rollup filter for Event Speakers is supported on the Windows Tablet platform. See Configurable Topic Warnings for Speakers for more information.

Disconnected Records Limitations

Windows Tablet users can record a call from an Event. See Disconnected Records Limitations for more information.

Detailed Attendee Information

The Account_Attendee_Field_vod field on the following objects is supported by the Windows Tablet platform:

  • EM_Event_vod
  • Medical_Event_vod
  • EM_Event_Rule_vod

See Detailed Attendee Information for more information.

Speaker Contract Generation

iPad users can now generate contracts for speakers in Events Management. See Speaker Contract Generation for more information.

Key Medical Insights

iPad users can now configure the columns displayed on the Key Medical Insights Home Page. See Key Medical Insights for more information.


Account Sales Dashboard

Online users can now access the Account Sales Dashboard. For more information, see Account Sales Dashboard for more information.

Sales Data Loading

Windows Tablet users can now display the sales data tables through the database tab. See Loading Sales Data for more information.


Sampling for non PDMA Regulated Products

Windows Tablet users can now sample non PDMA regulated products. See Sampling for Non PDMA for more information.

New Objects

The list below contains all new objects added in Veeva CRM Version 18R1.



Master Object


Child_Event_Rule_Config_vod__c Child Event Rule Configuration   Stores configurations for child event rules


Mobile Device


Mobile devices associated with the User

New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva CRM Version 18R1. The fields are organized by object. Visibility to all fields is disabled by default to all users except administrators. See the Veeva Data Model information for a full listing of Veeva objects.


Field Name

Field Label

Field Description





Clear GPS Coordinates

If True, Latitude_vod and Longitude_vod are cleared upon address change, if they have not been updated. If False, Latitude_vod and Longitude_vod are maintained.





Event Rule

The event rule for a child event configuration





Parent Event Field

Stores the parent field for a child event

rule configuration.



Child_Event_Rule_Config_vod__c Parent_Event_Related_List_vod__c Parent Event Related List Stores the related list for a child event rule configuration Text  



Ship State Distributor

Stores the State Distributor # of the Business Address where practitioner requested the BRC product shipment when a State Distributor is required in the state.





Child Event Record Type

Defines which record type is used for an event configuration.






Team member present at an event session.





Cap Remaining Committed

Displays the speaker cap balance minus

actuals and upcoming committed costs.



EM_Speaker_vod__c Upcoming_Committed_Costs_vod__c Upcoming Committed Costs Displays the total upcoming committed speaker costs that count toward the current year’s cap. Currency  



Next Year Committed

Displays the total committed speaker

costs that count toward next year’s cap.



EM_Speaker_vod__c Next_Year_Reset_Date_vod__c Next Year Reset Date Stores the speakers next year reset date. Date  



Next Year Status

Designates the speaker’s eligibility for

events that count toward next year’s

speaker cap.



HTML_Report_vod__c Review_Before_Submit_vod__c Enforce Review Before Submit When enabled, the user will be forced to review the designated report before being able to submit the record. Check box  



Available Values

The list of available picklist values for the

specified product/metric value-pair. Each

value specified here must match an API

value in the metric picklist.

Long Text






The product that this metric configuration

record will apply to.



Mobile_Device_vod__c AppID_vod__c AppID Apple App ID. Text  
Multichannel_Settings_vod__c CLM_LASER_POINTER_vod__c CLM Laser Pointer Enables the laser pointer option for CLM. Can work in conjunction with the Highlighter Pen. Check box  




Name of the Last List Scheduler Account

List that was selected, so that it can be




Preference_vod__c Last_List_Scheduler_Bookmark_vod__c Last_List_Scheduler_Bookmark Stores the last bookmark used in the call list scheduler. Lookup  




Show the device type the Remote

Meeting Attendee used to join the




Remote_Meeting_vod__c EM_Attendee_vod__c Event Attendee Reference to the participant’s associated EM Attendee. Lookup  



Event Speaker

Reference to the participant’s associated

EM Speaker.



Remote_Meeting_vod__c Event_vod__c Event   Lookup  



Network Type

Show the network type the Remote

Meeting Attendee used to join the




Sent_Email_vod__c Event_Mobile_Id_vod__c Event Mobile Id Stores the Mobile ID of the Event from which the Sent Email was initiated. Text  
Survey_Target_vod__c Submitted_DateTime_vod__c Submitted DateTime The DateTime a Survey_Target_vod record was submitted Date/Time  



Account Plan Object Hierarchy

Comma delimited list of object API names and relationship names used to determine the Account Plan progress object hierarchy. Each value should be the name of an object followed by the name of the relationship separated by a dot. The first relationship is considered the top of the hierarchy, the last at the bottom. Default hierarchy is:

Plan_Tactic_vod__c.Account_Plan_vod__r, Account_Tactic_vod__c.Plan_Tactic_vod__r, Call_Objective_vod__c.Account_Tactic_vod__r





This determines the Client Device. A blank value is interpreted as Tablet_vod.



Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





Online CRM - 131416 Sample Order Transactions were being created before a call was submitted when the Enable Samples On Save Veeva setting was disabled. Sample Management
Online CRM - 131417 After canceling a sample, the quantity was not credited back Sample Limits
Online CRM - 132192 Deleting Sample Limit Transaction records caused Sample Limits to update. Sample Limits
Windows Tablet CRM - 132331 An error occurred when editing a call with an attendee selected. Call Reporting


CRM - 132947

Longer addresses did not display properly in the Ship to Address field

Call Sampling

iPad CRM - 135314 Selecting the Accept button on the Signature page caused an error if the user did not have access to the Ship_To_Address_Text_vod field. Call Sampling


CRM - 135988

Content Acknowledgment was not updating online records with offline captured signatures.


iPad CRM - 137378 Sample Send cards could be sent without license validation even when the ENABLE_SAMPLE_CARD_LICENSE_CHECK_vod Veeva Setting was enabled. Call Sampling


CRM - 137482

The Country_vod field did not display on the sample request page.

Call Sampling

Online CRM - 138418 When selecting a Calendar type Consent Template, the expiration date was placed a day too early. Call Sampling