Using the Veeva-Provided Custom MyInsights Inventory Monitoring Page

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The Veeva-provided custom MyInsights Inventory Monitoring page provides commercial teams with detailed inventory information that can refine the in-store layout strategies of pharmacies. This helps users correct product placements to match agreed contracts.

For example, Sarah Jones is reviewing her Inventory contract with a pharmacist. She uses the MyInsights Inventory Monitoring page to display the historical inventory information on the facings, position, layer, and stock of Cholecap. She notices the current display of Cholecap has only five facings while it should have six.

You cannot edit custom MyInsights pages using MyInsights Studio, including Veeva-provided custom pages. You can only import and deploy them in MyInsights Studio. Only pages created in MyInsights Studio can be edited with MyInsights Studio. See Managing Custom Pages in MyInsights Studio.

Enabling the Veeva-Provided Custom MyInsights Inventory Monitoring Page

To enable the MyInsights Inventory Monitoring page for end users:

  1. Ensure Inventory Monitoring is configured.
  2. Create or activate VMOCs for the following objects:
    • Contract_vod
    • Contract_Line_vod
    • Contract_Partner_vod
    • Inventory_Monitoring_vod
    • Inventory_Monitoring_Line_vod
  3. Grant end users the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS
    • IM_Consumer_Price_vod
    • IM_Facings_horizontal_vod
    • IM_Facings_simple_vod
    • IM_Inventory_vod
    • IM_Inventory_vod
    • IM_Layer_vod
    • IM_Moved_Goods_vod
    • IM_Position_vod
    • Start_Date_vod
    • End_Date_vod
    • Account_vod
    • Contract_vod
    • Agreement_vod
    • End_Date_vod
    • Inventory_Monitoring_Type_vod
    • Last_Batch_Datetime_vod
    • Start_Date_vod
    • Consumer_Price_vod
    • Facings_horizontal_vod
    • Facings_simple_vod
    • Inventory_vod
    • Layer_vod
    • Moved_Goods_vod
    • Position_vod
    • Product_vod
    • Contract_vod
    • Inventory_Monitoring_Date_vod
    • Quantity_vod
    • Order_Date_vod
    • Order_Total_Quantity_vod
  4. Download the Inventory Monitoring Dashboard content zip file.
  5. Create an HTML_Report_vod record with the Inventory_Monitoring_vod record type and attach the content zip file. See Creating MyInsights Content for more information.

Using the Veeva-Provided Custom MyInsights Inventory Monitoring Page

Users can select an Inventory Monitoring record and navigate to the Reports tab to view the page. Users can refine the information using the Brand and Products drop-down picklists.

The MyInsights Inventory Monitoring page dynamically displays the appropriate records in the following widgets:

  • Compliant
  • Non-Compliant
  • Non-Contracted