Creating MyInsights Content

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The entry point for MyInsights content determines where it displays in Veeva CRM. Admins must create MyInsights records in their orgs to define the entry points and attach the content zip files. This applies to all MyInsights content, including custom content. After syncing their devices, end users can navigate to the appropriate entry point to view and interact with customized MyInsights content to plan and execute daily activities more efficiently.

For example, a Verteo BioPharma admin creates a MyInsights page with customized account sales. After Sarah Jones syncs her device, she navigates to Dr. Ackerman’s account and selects the Account Sales Dashboard tab in the Sunrise bar to view the sales data for Dr. Ackerman.

MyInsights content using platform-specific syntax is not supported.

Creating MyInsights Content

To create MyInsights content:

  1. Download an out-of-the-box file or create a custom content zip file.
  2. Navigate to the HTML Reports tab.
  3. Select New.
  4. Select the appropriate record type for the desired entry point.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Populate the Report Name field.
  7. Select Large Mobile Devices for the Platform_vod field, if available.

    Admins can use the Platform_vod field to enable content to display in Lightning or on the iPhone platform.

  8. Select Save.
  9. Select Attach File (or Upload Files in Lightning) in the Notes & Attachments related list.

    See Using Salesforce Files in Veeva CRM with Lightning for more information on using Salesforce Files for MyInsights attachments.

  10. Upload the appropriate content zip file.

    Each record should only have one zip file attached. Attachments must be zip files and must contain the index.html file directly in the zip. The attachment limit is 32 MB. Delete previous files if more room is required.

Users can view the content on iPad after they sync. To publish content for Browser users, see Viewing MyInsights Content Online and Viewing MyInsights Content in Lightning.

Content developers must compress the content files, not the directory containing the files.

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