Viewing MyInsights Content on iPhone

  • iPhone

Users can view MyInsights content on iPhone devices. This allows users on iPhone devices to use data from MyInsights to assist with their daily activities.

For example, Sarah Jones only uses Veeva CRM on a company-issued iPhone. Prior to a call with Dr. Ackerman, she navigates to his account and views an account MyInsights page to prepare for the call.

Configuring MyInsights Content for iPhone

To enable MyInsights content on iPhone for end users:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate HTML_Report_vod record.
  2. Select Phones for the Platform_vod field.
  3. Activate HTML_Report_vod and Attachment VMOCs with the following platform-specific WHERE clause:
    • WHERE ((Profile_vod__c = NULL) OR (Profile_vod__c = @@VOD_SF_PROFILEID@@)) AND (Platform_vod__c includes ('Phone_vod'))

Customers using the Phone_vod field on HTML_Report_vod records and VMOCs referencing the Phone_vod field in the WHERE clauses are not required to switch to the Platform_vod field.