Loading Sales Data into Veeva CRM

Loading sales data into a data repository is a standard process in a Sales Data Analytics solution. With Fixed Reports, this process is streamlined to provide an easy-to-use and intuitive process requiring very simple administrative configuration steps. 

The steps to load sales data for Fixed Reports into Veeva CRM are described below. Some of these steps are one-time initial set-up steps and some are recurring steps to reload the monthly and/or weekly sales data files. Each step is discussed in detail in its respective section.

  1. Loading Analytic Markets
  2. Loading Product Data from Sales Data Files
    • Load Product Group Files from Data Vendors
    • Create Aggregated Analytics Product Group Records
    • Create Product Group Maps
  3. Loading Data Map Templates
  4. Updating Veeva CRM Account Fields
  5. Loading Sales Data Files
  6. Transferring Sales Data Files via FTP
  7. Processing Sales Data Files Using the Analytics Admin Page
    • Assigning Data Map Templates to Sales Data Files
    • Processing Sales Data Files and Error Reports
    • Promoting Sales Data from Staging to Production
  8. Loading Product Events (Optional)