Transferring Sales Data Files via FTP

Admins must transfer sales data files to Veeva CRM using FTP before the files can be processed and added to the Fixed Reports repository.


  • Fixed Reports supports two file formats:
  • Comma Separated Values (CSV)
  • GZIP (for compressed files)
  • The user processing the files on the Analytics Admin page must be a user of the same orgs as the user that uploads the files to the Veeva Server via FTP

Transferring Sales Data Files

Place the sales files in the analytics folder. The files then appear in the Files Awaiting Processing section of the Analytics Admin page to be processed. See Processing Sales Data Files Using the Analytics Admin Page for more information.

To find your FTP server name:

  1. Navigate to Custom Settings in Setup.
  2. Select Manage for Veeva Common.
  3. Select Main.
  4. Check the value for the FTP Server field.

The analytics admin connects using any FTP client that supports FTP or FTPS and authenticates using their Salesforce credentials. The first time the admin signs in, the directory structure for Fixed Reports is created. The analytics directory is the top-level directory for Fixed Reports data and is typically the admin’s current working directory.