Updating Veeva CRM Account Fields

Certain fields on the Account object control how sales data aligns to the appropriate accounts in Veeva CRM and which HCP sales data displays for end users, requiring specific attention from customers.

Unique Identifiers for Accounts

The relationship of the accounts in the sales data files to the accounts in Veeva CRM must be established in order to appropriately align sales data. This relationship is managed within Veeva CRM using the ID and ID2 fields on the Account object. Customers must define a unique identifier for each Account in the sales data and loaded the identifiers into the Account records in Veeva CRM.

This unique identifier allows Fixed Reports to associate and display sales data when necessary and to aggregate territory hierarchies as necessary.

PDRP Opt Out

The HCPs Data Restriction Program (PDRP) Opt Out and PDRP Opt Out Date fields on the Account object require data for Person Accounts. These fields determine if an end user can view the Account level sales data for an HCP. If the HCP has opted out from providing prescribing data, then users are unable to view the Account level sales data. In the Top Accounts report on the various pages, HCPs who have opted out display, but their data displays as N/A. Users can sort the Top Accounts report so that these HCPs display either first or last in the list.