Adding Survey Targets

A target is an account for which an end user executes a survey. Target ownership is determined by Assignment Rules. Survey admins can add target accounts via the Survey Management screen or by data loading.

When a survey target is added to a survey, a record is created. Every time an account responds to the survey, a unique survey target record is created. For example, if an account responds to a recurring survey every three months, four Survey Target records are created in that year.

The Survey Management screen allows targeting accounts for a particular survey. From this screen, a target list is built for a survey before it is available to users. New targets can also be added after a survey is published.

Targeting supports mass add of targets from both Account Lists and Account Views. This gives users the flexibility to build custom lists based on a wide range of account attributes and target that entire list for a survey. Users can also add individual accounts using a text search on the account name.

The Survey Management screen is effective for targeting up to 5,000 accounts. The target query does not return more than 5,000 accounts, and a maximum of 5,000 accounts displays after target accounts have been added. For larger scale surveys, use the data loader.

End users can add target accounts after a survey is published if the Open_vod check box is selected when the survey is created.

If users should have access to open, recurring, and CLM surveys, grant access to the Open_vod and Recurring_vod record types on the Survey_Target_vod object.

Veeva recommends creating a view for survey targets filtered by owner to allow users to view the surveys they own. This also allows the user who published the survey to view which survey targets records were not assigned to an owner.

Targets by Account Type

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Adding target accounts to an open survey can be limited based on account type. This helps when creating surveys specific to different types of accounts, for example, HCPs vs Pharmacies.

To add targets by account type:

  1. Grant users FLS edit permission to the Account_Types_vod field on the Survey_vod and Survey_Target_vod objects.
  2. Add the Account_Types_vod field to the appropriate Survey_vod object page layout.

Filtering Targets

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Users can apply a filter on survey targets to reduce the number of target accounts that display. Selecting the Filter button displays the following options:

  • Account Surveys – survey targets for accounts associated to a survey
  • User Surveys – survey target accounts for internal use. See Surveys for Internal Use for more information.
  • Show Expiring Only – surveys that are expiring. Admins can set the expiration date using the SURVEY_ALERT_THRESHOLD_vod Veeva Setting.

Stamping Survey Targets with the Submitted Date and Time

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Surveys Targets are stamped with the date and time they are submitted, allowing administrators to view and report on this information.

Recurring survey targets are pre-populated with the most recently submitted survey target responses based on the Submitted DateTime, if the value is available. If some recurring survey target records have a DateTime value and others do not, the Submitted DateTime determines the most recently submitted survey target.

If survey target records are unlocked, the Submitted DateTime is cleared and re-stamped when the survey target record is resubmitted.