Data Loading Surveys

Data loading surveys allows admins to load surveys in bulk, to dictate which accounts surveys should be completed against, and to indicate who should complete the surveys. Surveys must be data loaded in the following order to preserve object relationships. The order is as follows:

  1. Survey record with start and end dates
  2. Survey questions – If you are data loading Survey_Question_vod records without specifying a value in the Order_vod field, the system automatically assigns the question order based on the insert order. If you specify an order in the Order_vod field, set its number starting with 0 and increment strictly in sequence (for example: 0, 1, 2, 3...).

    If Order_vod is not set starting with 0, it will be automatically re-sorted and updated to start with 0 when the survey is accessed from CRM online.

    Populate the Order_vod field with 0 when data loading single-question surveys to ensure proper Survey functionality.

  3. Survey Target accounts
  • If a value is not specified in the Name field, the field is populated with the Record ID number
  • If a survey is not published after data loading the target accounts, the following fields are not copied from surveys to survey targets:
  • Territory_vod
  • Start_Date_vod
  • End_Date_vod
  • Language_vod
  • Channels_vod
  • Name
  • Custom fields with the same API name on both the Survey_vod and Survey_Target_vod objects
  1. Question answer choices Question_vod records can be data loaded at any time because they are not directly related to a particular survey.

Survey Field Format Considerations

When data loading surveys with semicolon-delimited fields, Veeva recommends the following best practices:

For fields that store potential answer options for pick-list, radio, and multi-select pick-list questions, the correct format is - A1;W1;A2W2...A10;W10, where A is the answer choice text and W is the weight. Do not use spaces before or after the semicolon.

This includes the Answer_Choice_vod field for the following objects:

  • Question_vod
  • Question_Response_vod
  • Survey_Question_vod

Semicolons should not be part of answer choice strings. If weights are not used, enter a value of 0 as the weight for each answer choice/weight pair.

  • The correct format for the Segments_vod field on the Survey_vod object is Segment1;MinScore1;MaxScore1;...Segment10;MinScore10;MaxScore10. Do not use spaces before or after the semicolon.
  • Segment is the text value of the segment. Semicolons should not be part of the Segment text values.
  • MinScore is the minimum range value of the segment
  • MaxScore is the maximum range value of the segment

See the Data Model Guide for information on specific objects and their fields.