New in Veeva CRM 17R1

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation.

Core CRM

  • General
  • Enhanced Alert Profile on the Home Page -The Save and New button allows customers to efficiently indicate visibility to a home page alert for multiple profiles.
  • Displaying Time Zones
  • Developer Portal - The Developer Portal provides a repository for APIs and the JavaScript Library. This provides our customers and their agencies with options for developing personalized and dynamic content that interacts with the Veeva CRM database. The library is supported for CLM, Engage for Portals, CoBrowse, and MyInsights content creation.

Scheduling and Planning

Events Managements


My Insights

Network Integration

Windows Tablet Parity

  • Accounts
  • Account Plan - Windows Tablet users can now access Account Plans, a collection of strategies, tactics, and executed activities for a key account. See Account Based Selling for more information.
  • Approved Email
  • Time zone Token - Content admins for iPad and Windows Tablet can now use the {{timeZone}} token to insert the time zone of a User’s locale.
  • Events Management
  • Expense Splitting - To help streamline expense allocations, Windows Tablet users can now split expenses among Attendees independent of whether or not they attended an Event. See Expense Splitting for more information.
  • Mass Update for Attendees - To improve efficiency when updating large numbers of Attendees, Windows Tablet users can do mass updates for things like statuses, meal information, and other attributes. See Mass Update for Attendees for more information.
  • Consent Capture - Enhanced Consent Capture is now available for Windows Tablet, allowing users to selectively opt-in and/or opt-out an Account for one or more Products. See Consent Capture for more information.

iPad Parity

  • Timeline Filtering - iPad users can now filter activities on the Timeline by Product and My Activities (User/OwnerId), allowing them to view data most relevant to them. See Account Timeline Default Functionality for more details.