Customizing Product Discussions on the Call Report

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The product discussions section can be customized to filter information or display more information, as business needs require. Users can also be required to enter at least one product discussion for each of the products detailed on the call.

Filtering Picklist Values Based on Product Discussions

Custom picklist fields can be configured to be dependent on the product selected in a product discussion. When the user selects a product for detailing or discussion, the Product_vod field is set to the selected product. The value of zvod_Product_Map_vod is then automatically set to the same value as the Product_vod field, and all dependent picklists display values based on the selected product. This increases efficiency in call reporting by presenting users with a set of defaults based on the selected products.

For example, Sarah Jones details Cholecap to Dr. Ackerman. When she selects Cholecap from the product discussion picklist, the Presentation picklist is filtered to only include values that apply to Cholecap. Sarah selects the appropriate presentation from this filtered list.

Configuring Custom Picklists for Product Discussions

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To configure custom picklists dependent on products:

  1. Ensure the picklist values in zvod_Product_Map_vod on the Call2_Discussion object are active and match all potential detail products. The picklist values of the zvod_Product_Map_vod field must match the names of all potential detail products. The format for detail product names is Product Detail Name | Product Group Name when using products with groups.
  2. Create a custom picklist field on the Call2_Discussion_vod object. Ensure the Restrict picklist to the values defined in the value set check box is not selected.

  3. Create a new Field Dependency on the Call2_Discussion object and set zvod_Product_Map_vod as the Controlling Field and the custom picklist as the Dependent Field.
  4. Using the grid, select which values to display based on product for the custom field.
  5. Place the custom field on the appropriate Call2_Discussion_vod page layout.

Selecting Product Strategies and Tactics

Individual product strategies and tactics can be associated to a product discussion. The Product_Strategy_vod picklist field lists all available product strategy records organized by product plan for the product chosen in the Product_vod field. The Product_Tactic_vod field is a dependent picklist that lists product tactics that are children of the selected product strategy. This enables users to tie product strategies and product tactics to specific discussions with HCPs, for greater specificity in reporting call discussions.

For example, Sarah Jones hosts a luncheon for Dr. Ackerman and his colleagues where she discusses Cholecap’s efficacy as part of a product strategy for differentiating Cholecap from competing products. To capture this information on the call report, Sarah selects C P3 Strategy 1 from the product strategy picklist, and then HCP Luncheon from the product tactic picklist.

Ensure the proper VMobile Object Configuration records are in place in order to utilize this feature in offline platforms.


Configuring Product Strategies and Tactics

To configure custom picklists dependent on products:

  1. Ensure users have FLS edit permission to the Product_Strategy_vod and Product_Tactic_vod fields on the Call2_Discussion object.
  2. Add the Product_Strategy_vod field to the appropriate Call2_Discussion page layouts.
  3. Add the Product_Tactic_vod field to the appropriate Call2_Discussion page layouts.

Associating Account Tactics with Product Discussions

Users can select the appropriate account tactic for each product discussion they record on the call report. Associating product discussions with account tactics enables users to identify how product discussions contribute to, and are based on, specific account plans. This allows for increased specificity in call reporting and in tracking of call activities related to account plans.

For example, Sarah Jones uses the Labrinone Efficacy tactic during her call to Dr. Ackerman, as part of an account plan for increasing Labrinone adoption at Newton Memorial Hospital. Sarah selects the Labrinone Efficacy tactic from the account tactics picklist to tie the relevant account tactic to her product discussion on the call report.


  • Account Tactics are enabled
  • The Account_Plan_vod field is on the appropriate Call2_vod page layouts
  • There are active account tactics for the selected account plan
  • The appropriate VMOCs are in place for offline platforms

Configuring Account Tactics for Product Discussions

  1. Ensure users have FLS edit permission to the Account_Tactic_vod field on the Call2_Discussion object.
  2. Place the Account_Tactic_vod field on the appropriate Call2_Discussion page layouts.

Selecting Account Tactics

The Account Tactic picklist displays in each product discussion section on the call report.

The account tactics available in the picklist are filtered based on the account plan selected from the Account Plan picklist on the call report. Only account tactics related to the selected account plan display.

Requiring Product Discussions

Users can be required to enter at least one product discussion for each product detailed on a call to ensure that they do not deviate from established business processes. In some cases, recording product discussions may be required for compliance with regulations. When product discussions are required for a detail product on the call report and users attempt to submit the call without adding a product discussion, an error displays.

When users add a detail product with required product discussions to the call report, a product discussion is automatically created and cannot be deleted unless the detail product is deselected. Required product discussion fields must be populated before users can save or submit the call.


When there are required fields for a product discussion, users must complete the fields before saving or submitting the call report. Because required discussion fields must be populated when a call is saved, users should not select product details before executing the call. If product details are selected before the call is executed and the product discussion fields are populated, the user will not be able to save the call report.

Configuring Required Product Discussions

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users FLS permission to the Require_Discussion_vod field on the Product_vod object.
  2. Make the Yes_vod option the default for the Require_Discussion_vod drop-down list on the Product_vod object.

For products with a value of Yes_vod in the Require_Discussion_vod field on the Product_vod object, the Product picklist in the Product Discussions section of the call report is read-only.

Defining Product Discussion and Detail Default Behavior

Admins can define the default behavior of Product details and discussions for users with only one product available for detailing. This feature adds flexibility and cross-platform consistency for users who focus on a single product. For more information, see Detailing Products on the Call Report.