21R1.3 Functionality Guide

The Functionality Guide is intended for Sales Operations, Business Administrators, System Integrators, and others responsible for making decisions about what features are needed for end users to be successful and deciding which features work together with existing customer configurations.

Information includes an overview of each feature, examples, screen shots, and targeted information on how to use each feature. Select the heading link to display the topic which includes configuration instructions, if applicable.

Engage Meeting

Using Video within CLM in Online Engage Meeting

The CRM Desktop (Windows) app can be configured to use Microsoft Edge WebView2, which uses Microsoft Edge (Chromium) as its rendering engine for embedded web content, to present CLM content shared during an Engage meeting. This allows Engage meeting hosts to share video and audio CLM content from the CRM Desktop (Windows) app. See Microsoft’s WebView2 documentation for more information.

For example, Sarah Jones uses the CRM Desktop (Windows) app and has a CLM presentation in her media library containing a video about Cholecap side effects. An Engage admin enables WebView2 for Online Engage meetings. When Sarah meets with Dr. Clinton Ackerman about Cholecap, she starts a meeting from the CRM Desktop (Windows) app and shares the video in her Cholecap presentation in the Engage meeting.


  • Users must be on a Windows 10 device to use WebView2
  • MOV, M4V, and MP4 video file types are supported for video slides. AVI video files are not supported.

Using WebView2 for the CRM Engage App

For optimal results when sharing audio and video content, users should select the following check boxes in the bottom left corner of the CLM media library:

  • Share Sound
  • Optimize for Video Clip – Selecting this option also enables Share Sound. Videos should be 1080p resolution or below for best results. See Zoom’s documentation for more information.

When sharing CLM PDF content with WebView2 enabled, users can use the standard PDF controls to navigate the content.

Call Reporting

Requiring Medical Discussions on the Call Report

To ensure call reports are complete, users can be required to capture at least one Medical Discussion to submit a call report. Requiring Medical Discussions reduces potential compliance risks resulting from incomplete or inaccurate call reports. It also helps provide a more complete picture of past HCP interactions for other CRM users to use in call planning and future discussions with HCPs.

For example, Larry Lakes, an MSL, meets with Dr. Clinton Ackerman to discuss the efficacy of Cholecap versus Restolar. Larry must add details for at least one Medical Discussion to submit a call report for their meeting. In the Medical Discussion section of the call report, Larry summarizes their meeting and notes that the doctor is interested in hearing more about Cholecap efficacy. When another MSL visits Dr. Ackerman, she knows to review the efficacy of Cholecap in her discussions with Dr. Ackerman.


  • If there are any pre-existing, saved calls in an org that have zvod_Medical_Discussion_vod on the call page layout but do not have Medical Discussions added, users must add at least one Medical Discussion before submitting the call report
  • If there are multiple record types for Medical Discussions, users only need to create one Medical Discussion of any record type before submitting
  • If the --ao section signal (Attendees Optional) is added to the call page layout and a user does not add any attendees to a group call with unique activities, the error message for required Medical Discussions does not display and the user can submit the call without capturing a medical discussion
  • A Medical Discussion record is created for the primary account and each attendee if the --paa section signal is on the Call2_vod page layout for Person Account and Group Calls.

Using Required Medical Discussions

If a user attempts to submit a call report without creating at least one Medical Discussion, an error message displays. On unsupported platforms, users can still submit call reports without creating a Medical Discussion.

If Unique Activities are enabled, users must capture a Medical Discussion for each attendee on the call.

When this feature is enabled, users can still submit call reports with empty Medical Discussion fields. To ensure the appropriate fields are complete, admins can make fields required on the Medical_Discussion_vod page layout.

MyInsights Studio

Using the View Record User Action in MyInsights Studio (Available July 1, 2021) 

Users can add user actions to display elements to create interactive and responsive content. The View Record user action allows users to navigate directly from MyInsights content to a data record.

The View Record navigation action allows users to navigate directly from MyInsights content to a data record. Content creators can add View Record for the following objects:

  • Account
  • Order
  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Account Plan
  • Plan Tactics
  • Account Tactics
  • Call
  • Call Objective
  • Medical Event
  • Survey Target
  • Medical Insight
  • Medical Inquiry
  • SWOTs and Goals
  • Custom Objects
  • Content creators can add a View Record navigation action to the following display elements:

    • Section – Available if a header is included. Displays the section header as a link to a data record.
    • Table – Available for each column. Displays each value in the column as a link to a record from the selected data source.
    • Field List – Available for each field. Displays a value as a link to a data record.
    • Metric Highlight - Available for each value. Displays the value as a link to the data record.

    To add a View Record navigation action a display element:

    1. Select the Configuration button below the Pages tab.
    2. Select Edit for the appropriate display element.
    3. Select the View Actions drop-down menu.
    4. Select View Record from the Navigation Action drop-down menu.
    5. Select the appropriate object for the target record from the Object drop-down menu.
    6. Select the appropriate record ID for the target record from the Record ID lookup field.
    7. Select the appropriate MyInsights Tab(s) as the navigation target(s). This step is optional and only available if the object for the target record is Account.

      Ensure end users have FLS read permission to the Studio_ID field on HTML_Report_vod object.

    8. Select New.
    9. Select Save.