New in Veeva CRM 18R3

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation.

Windows App

The Windows Tablet application now displays Veeva CRM 18R3 next to the icon. This title is being changed as the 18R3 version of the application is the last classic version before the new Sunrise UI release in 19R1. The 19R1 version will have the traditional Veeva CRM title.

Online Documentation

Note Styles

We updated the note styles in the online documentation to represent the content contained in the notes. There are now three levels of notes:

  • Note (Blue) - provides additional information

    GPS fields must be read-only on all page layouts.

  • Caution (Yellow) - An adverse effect may occur, for example a misconfiguration

    All tokens are case sensitive.

  • Warning (Red) - A critical error may occur, for example, you may lose data

    Do not modify the Company Language of your org.


Each topic in the CRM Online Help now displays a Feedback button in the bottom left corner of the page.

Select the Feedback button, enter your email address and feedback, then select Submit. The documentation team receives an email containing the link to the page from which you selected the Feedback button. The email also contains the email address entered for future follow-up.

Advanced Searching in the Online Help

The CRM Online Help site now supports advanced search settings to enable users to quickly locate a relevant topic.

Advanced searching consists of two components:

  • Filtering - Select the Filter icon to limit the list of search results to only display topics belonging to the selected category. Only one filter may be selected at a time.
  • Exact Search - Select the Exact Search check box to limit the list of search results to only display topics containing the exact term. For example, if the search term is --cat and exact search is enabled, the search results only display topics with words containing exactly --cat. If exact search is not enabled, the search results also include all topics with words that contain cat (category, catalog, etc).

For example, Alice, an administrator at VerteoBiopharma wants to learn more about the --cat section signal. She is unsure which topic to read but knows the section signal is a part of Call Reporting. She enables an exact search for --cat and limits the search results to only display Call Reporting topics. The search returns two results, allowing the administrator to quickly locate the correct topic.

Core CRM

Events Management



Scheduling and Planning


Push Notifications

iPad users can now use Push Notifications.


Advanced Coaching Reports

iPad users can now comment on Advanced Coaching Reports. See Employee Commenting on Advanced Coaching Reports for more information.

Call Reporting


iPhone Call Reports now support:

  • Unique Activity calls
  • Attendee Specific fields
  • Account Tactic, Product Strategy, Product Tactic on Call Discussion
  • Medical Discussion
  • Call Follow-ups

Events Management

Limiting Outside Territory Searches

iPad users can now Limit Outside Territory Searches.

Speaker Contract Generation

Windows Tablet users can now generate contracts for speakers. See Speaker Contract Generation for more information.

Scheduling and Planning


MCCP Administrators can now indicate product goals by priority for the same product via one call channel on the iPad platform. See MCCP Goals by Priority in a Single Call Channel for more information.


iPhone now supports MyInsights Deep Linking.


Creating Unverified Records

Windows Tablet users are now able to create unverified records to maintain a clean CRM data set. See Creating Unverified Records for more information.


Surveys for iPhone

Surveys are now available on the iPhone platform.

To enable Surveys on iPhone, admins must enable the appropriate Surveys VMOCs. The minimum required VMOCs for Surveys include:

  • Survey_vod for iPhone
  • Survey_Target_vod VMOC for iPhone
  • Survey_Question_vod VMOC for iPhone
  • Question_Resonse_vod VMOC for iPhone

Admins must ensure they enable the appropriate VMOCs and ensure the Where clauses are updated with any existing Where clauses used for iPad to ensure parity.

See the Surveys documentation for more information.