Color Coding Planned Calls in My Schedule

  • Browser
  • iPad

To customize and organize their calendars, users can change the sidebar (iPad only) or main colors of planned calls from the default teal color to any one of 25 predefined colors.

For example, when planning calls, Sarah Jones wants to indicate whether a planned call represents a confirmed appointment or a time slot during which she intends to drop by the HCP’s office. Using color coding, she changes the color for confirmed calls to yellow. When she reviews her schedule later in the week, Sarah sees at a glance that her call to Dr. Ackerman is a confirmed call. She leaves time to arrive at Dr. Ackerman’s office early, to ensure she is on time for their meeting.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Selecting Colors for Planned Calls

To change the display color for a planned call:

  1. Select a call from My Schedule’s Week View or Map View (for Browserusers, right-click the call).
  2. Select the Status field to display the Color Picker.
  3. Select a color from the grid.

Selecting a color in the color palette changes the color for the entry. The selected color is stored in the Color_vod field on the Call2_vod object.

To close the pop-up without changing the entry color, select anywhere outside the pop-up.

Users should not add colors to or remove colors from the Color Picker.

Default My Schedule Entry Colors

The default color for calls, calendar entries, and other events varies depending on the platform and call or entry type:

Entry Type

Browser and iOS Colors

Windows Tablet Colors

Planned Call

light teal with white stripes


Saved Call

dark teal


Unsubmitted Call (planned in the past)

red with white stripes


Submitted Call



Saved in the Past



Time Off Territory



Calendar Entry (SFDC Event)



EM Events and Medical Events



Platform Specific Details


For iPad users, selecting a color changes the entry’s sidebar color, rather than changing the entire entry’s color.

Using the Sidebar option, users can select custom colors for future calls in Planned status. Changing the sidebar color is not available for saved or submitted calls.