Creating Time Off Territory in My Schedule

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  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet

To block off personal time in My Schedule—for example, vacation, sick days, or jury duty—users create Time Off Territory (TOT) entries. TOT entries display in My Schedule in all statuses.

For example, Sarah Jones is on vacation for a week. To block this time off her calendar, she creates a Time Off Territory entry for the week’s vacation. The TOT entry displays on Sarah’s calendar so she can schedule her calls and activities around her vacation.

iPhone users can view Time Off Territory in My Schedule, but they cannot create or edit Time Off Territory entries from the iPhone platform.

Configuring Time Off Territory

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable Time Off Territory, grant admins and users the following permissions:



Record Types





at least CR




  • Date_vod
  • Hours_off_vod
  • Reason_vod
  • Start_Time_vod
  • Territory_vod
  • Time_vod


  • Hours_vod
  • Status_vod


Users must have at least Create and Read OLS for the Time_Off_Territory_vod object to create and view TOT in My Schedule. To enable users to edit or delete TOT entries, grant Update and/or Delete OLS for the Time_Off_Territory_vod object as well.

Configuring Hourly Time Off Territory

For hourly employees or specific time off requests, users can capture and manage TOT by the hour. To enable hourly TOT entries:

  1. Ensure the picklist value of Hourly is available in the Time_vod picklist on the Time_Off_Territory_vod object.
  2. Edit the field dependencies for the controlling Time_vod picklist on the Time_Off_Territory_vod object:
  • Edit the Start_Time_vod field dependency to include all available Start Time values for the Hourly column

  • Edit the Hours_off_vod field dependency to include all available Hours off values for the Hourly column

Creating Time Off Territory Entries

To create a TOT entry:

  1. Select the plus icon in the calendar header.
  2. Select the Time Off Territory option.

  3. Complete the new TOT record and select Save. By default, the Date_vod and Reason_vod fields are required.

iPhone users cannot create Time Off Territory records.

Hourly Time Off Territory

To create an hourly Time Off Territory entry:

  1. Select the Hourly option from the Time_vod picklist to unlock the Start_Time_vod and Hours_off_vod fields.
  2. Select the appropriate start time. By default, options display in half hour increments from 8 AM to 5 PM.
  3. Select the appropriate number of hours off. By default, options display in one hour increments from None to seven hours.
  4. Select Save to create the TOT entry.

Platform Specific Details

Browser (Classic)

To create a TOT entry from the Browser (Classic) platform, select and hold the appropriate date in Agenda View or Week View to display a menu with the New Time Off Territory option.

Windows Tablet

In Week View and Call Cycle View, Windows Tablet users can create Time Off Territory in two additional ways:

  • Select the plus icon, then drag New Time Off Territory to the appropriate date
  • Select and hold the appropriate time slot, then select New Time Off Territory entry from the menu

Viewing Time Off Territory

Saved TOT records display in My Schedule. In order for the Time Off Territory to display, the current user must be the Owner on the Time_Off_Territory_vod record. All-day or multi-day entries display at the top of the calendar. To edit or view a TOT record, select the TOT entry. A popover displays with View and Edit options.

TOT does not change based on the user’s time zone. For example, Sarah Jones creates an ‘AM Off’ TOT record for Tuesday while in the U.S. Eastern time zone. She later travels to the West Coast for a conference. When Sarah is in the U.S. Pacific time zone, the TOT entry does not adjust to display later in the day based on Sarah’s new time zone. The TOT entry continues to display for 8 AM-12 PM Tuesday morning, regardless of her time zone.

Multi-day Time Off Territory on Weekends

If users schedule a multi-day Time Off Territory entry spanning the weekend, the system bypasses the weekend days (based on the user’s locale) when calculating and displaying the TOT in My Schedule.

For example, Sarah Jones creates a TOT record starting on Thursday and continuing for three days. Because her user locale is en_US, My Schedule does not include Saturday or Sunday as working days, and so the TOT entry displays on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. If Sarah’s locale is iw (Israel) and she creates the same three-day TOT record, My Schedule displays the TOT on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday because Israel has a Sunday through Thursday work week.

For information on including weekends in TOT calculations, see Including Weekend Days in Time Off Territory.

Fixed Reports does not contain logic to skip the hard coded weekend days when calculating the TOT hours for a given week in the Average Calls Per Day report.

Work weeks and weekends for Israeli locales are listed in the table below.

Locale Name

Locale ID

First Working Day


First Day of the Week




Friday, Saturday


Israel (Hebrew)



Friday, Saturday


Customizing Time Off Territory

To meet organization requirements for Time Off Territory records, admins can add fields to the Time_Off_Territory_vod object.

To modify the options displayed to users for the TOT reason, configure the list of values in the Reason_vod field on the Time_Off_Territory_vod object.

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