Including Weekend Days in Time Off Territory

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To support locales or organizations where weekends are included in users’ work weeks, Time Off Territory can be configured to include all consecutive days on a multi-day Time Off Territory record.

For example, Sarah Jones works two weeks at a time, then has four days off. To request vacation time during her scheduled working period, she creates a Time Off Territory record for three days starting on Friday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are all included in the Time Off Territory record.

Configuring Weekend Time Off Territory

Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To include weekend days in Time Off Territory, select the DISABLE_TOT_WEEKENDS_vod Veeva Setting check box.

If Time Off Territory data already exists, admins must convert pre-existing data to include weekend days. For pre-existing Time Off Territory entries spanning weekend days, the data does not accurately reflect the actual days taken off.

Veeva only supports Time Off Territory up to five days in duration. Therefore, legacy records that are four or five days long and include weekend days need to be split into two Time Off Territory records.

Including Weekend Days in Time Off Territory Entries

When enabled, a Time Off Territory record beginning on Saturday and lasting three days is placed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The duration of a Time Off Territory record is based on the value of the Hours_vod field, which is a formula that uses the values in the Time_vod and Hours_Off_vod picklist fields on the Time_Off_Territory_vod object to determine the number of hours off.

For example, if users schedule a Time Off Territory record on Friday for three days, the record has a Start_Date_vod equal to Friday's date, Time_vod is set to three days and Hours_vod is 24 (three days x eight hours per day). Hours on every consecutive day are included, so the Time Off Territory record is created for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The Time_vod field must be populated on the Time_Off_Territory_vod record. If the Time_vod field is not populated, the Hours_vod field does not calculate.

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