Grouping Presentations in the Media Library

  • iPad

Admins can define attributes to allow users to group presentations. Users can select the attribute by which to group their presentations in the Table and Display By views. If a group is not selected, presentations display alphabetically.

The following field types are supported:

  • Text
  • Number
  • Lookup
  • Picklist
  • Multi-select picklist
  • Check box

For example, Larry Lakes, an admin for Verteo BioPharma, creates an attribute named Cholecap to group presentations with the product Cholecap. This allows Sarah Jones, a rep for Verteo BioPharma, to select the Cholecap group and view only her Cholecap presentations.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To manage the attributes for grouping, admins can edit the CLM_PRESENTATION_GROUPING Veeva Message.

Grouping Presentations in Table View

  • iPad
  • iPhone

Users can view presentations in Table view by selecting the list button above the Sunrise bar. In Table view, presentations can be grouped by any of the fields defined as columns. After grouping by a column in Table view, the presentations in the grouping are sorted alphabetically by name. For example, a column sorted by the product Cholecap displays all presentations with Cholecap and lists the presentations alphabetically by presentation name.

On the CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows) platforms, Table view is supported and presentations can be grouped by column. However, the fields defined as columns cannot be edited.

Grouping Presentations in Display By View

Users can view presentations in Display By view by selecting the slide carousel button above the Sunrise bar. Users can group presentations in Display By view by selecting the gear icon and selecting the grouping attribute. By default, the first attribute is selected.

After selecting a different option, that option becomes sticky and automatically displays the next time the user accesses the Display By view. For example, when Sarah Jones views her media library in Display By view, the Product attribute is selected by default. She selects the Indication attribute to view them by indication, then navigates away from her media library. The next time she views her media library and selects Display By view, the Indication attribute is still selected.