Supported CLM Functionality on CRM iPhone

Users can easily view and navigate the content in their media libraries and send links for content to HCPs from their iPhone devices at any time, leading to increased engagement with HCPs. Users can navigate the media library and view content in landscape or portrait mode. To use the following CLM functionality on iPhone, ensure Step 1 of the VMOC configuration for CLM is complete, which includes VMOCs for the following objects:

  • CLM_Presentation_vod
  • CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod
  • Directory_vod
  • Key_Message_vod
  • Multichannel_Setting_vod

Calls with CLM, including displaying CLM content from calls and tracking CLM activity, are not supported.

To enable CLM content alerts, ensure My Alerts are configured.

Creating and Managing Content

Except for launchApprovedEmail and launchMediaForAccount, all other JavaScript library functions are supported for CLM content on iPhone. See the Multichannel CRM JavaScript Library for more information about the supported functions.

Default Functionality

Advanced Functionality