Migrating Presentations

Admins can transfer entire presentations from one org to another. When an agency completes development of a presentation in a development sandbox, that presentation can be copied to the customer’s test environment for Medical, Legal, and Regulatory review. Similarly, once the presentation is reviewed and ready for migration to production, the presentation and all its components can be migrated to production. 

This functionality is not supported with the CLM Vault Integration. See Vault Help for information on how to manage CLM content in Vault.

Configuring the Migrate Button

To allow admins to migrate presentations:

  1. Grant admins access to the Migrate_CLM_Presentation_vod Visualforce page and the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS

    Survey_vod (if using Surveys with CLM)




  2. Add the Migrate_vod button to the CLM_Presentation_vod object page layout.

For every CLM_Presentation_vod record, any associated CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod and Key_Message_vod records are migrated to the target org. If any of the objects exist in the target org, they are overwritten. Duplicates are identified using each record’s external ID. The external ID must be populated on each of the source records for the migration to succeed. The migration uses the following ID fields for the supported objects:

  • CLM Presentation – Presentation_Id_vod
  • CLM Presentation Slide – External_ID_vod
  • Key Message – Media_File_Name_vod
  • Product – External_ID_vod
  • Survey – External_ID_vod
  • Directory – External_ID_vod

In order to ensure data integrity, the fields for the CLM_Presentation_vod, CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod, and Key_Message_vod objects in the source org should not be a subset of the fields on the target org. If there are more fields in the source org, the migration displays a warning that there is no place to put the values of the extraneous fields in the target org.

Users may decide to Continue or Cancel when a migration warning displays. If there is an error, the user must fix the error in order to migrate.

Migrating Presentations with Delegated Authentication

Customers who are using Delegated Authentication to sign in to their orgs can use the DESTINATION_AUTHENTICATION_ENDPOINTS Veeva Setting, which points to a corresponding Veeva Message, to configure the CLM Presentation Migration page to allow selection of additional authentication endpoints, other than the standard "Production" and "Sandbox" choices.

To enable, edit the DESTINATION_AUTHENTICATION_ENDPOINTS Veeva Message by adding endpoints in the following format.


For customers using SAML, fill in all three parameters for the endpoint. For customers using OpenToken, set the APPLIES TO URL parameter to NULL.

The ENDPOINT NAME displays to the end user and cannot include commas or semicolons.

See Delegated Authentication for more information.