Viewing Slide Notes in Presentations

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

When preparing CLM content in the CLM media player, users can view notes for each key message to ensure they deliver specific, tailored content to HCPs. Slide notes for auto-published PowerPoint content are automatically synced from Vault.

PowerPoint content must be auto-published as multi-slide presentations. See Using Vault's Auto-Publishing for CLM for more information.

For example, Sarah Jones meets with Dr. Clinton Ackerman about Cholecap. She displays a CLM presentation about Cholecap and references the slide notes to make sure she explains all the necessary context for the slide.

Configuring Slide Notes

Slide notes are only available for CLM presentations auto-published from Vault.

To enable slide notes for CLM presentations in CRM:

  1. Grant the integration user the following permissions:



    Record Type Access













    • HQ_Slide_Notes_vod
    • Slide_Notes_Version_vod




  2. Grant end users FLS read permission to the HQ_Slide_Notes_vod field on the Key_Message_vod object.

If the CLM_NAV_BAR_HIDE_CONTENT Veeva Setting is enabled, the slide content is obscured when displaying the slide notes.

The CRM integration user must update the CLM field mapping in the CLM Admin Console.

  1. Navigate to the CLM Admin Console tab.
  2. Select View Map for the appropriate Vault connection in the Vault Connection Management section.
  3. Select Compare CRM to Vault.

To process slide notes from PowerPoint content in Vault, grant Vault integration users Read permission to the format__v field on the Multichannel Presentation document type and any other document types used for auto-publishing.

Syncing Slide Notes

The slide notes for PowerPoint content are synced from Vault to the HQ_Slide_Notes_vod field on the appropriate Key_Message_vod records. Users can view the progress of syncing slide notes in the Slide Notes Process History section of the CLM Admin Console. Any text formatting from PowerPoint is preserved.

Admins can update the text in the HQ_Slide_Notes_vod field for a PowerPoint slide synced from Vault, but the changes are overridden in the next sync.

For content types other than PowerPoint, admins can manually populate the HQ_Slide_Notes_vod field with the notes for the appropriate Key_Message_vod record. The text can be formatted with the Salesforce rich text editor.

As a best practice to correctly sync slide notes, ensure the following:

  • Each slide note contains fewer than 130,000 characters
  • PowerPoint presentations contain 1000 slides or fewer

Viewing Slide Notes

When sharing content in an Engage meeting, sharing is paused when the user opens the slide notes and resumes when the user closes the notes. When sending a presentation via web link or QR code, the slide notes are not included.

To view slide notes when displaying a presentation on the iPad:

  1. Select the More Actions button to display the action menu.
  2. Select Show Slide Notes.

The slide notes also display when the iPad is in portrait mode.

When displaying presentations in Normal View in Veeva CRM Desktop, the slide notes display below the slide preview.

Users can select and drag the top of the notes panel to expand it and view more of the text.