Using Training Presentations

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet

Training presentations include content still in development or used specifically for instructional purposes. This allows customers to test how content displays in the CLM media player before publishing it to all users.

For example, Verteo BioPharma is developing a new presentation about Cholecap containing a video. To test how it displays for end users, an admin marks the presentation as Training. Sarah selects the presentation from the Training tab in her media library and displays the content in the media player. She provides feedback to Verteo BioPharma that the video is too small to watch comfortably.

Marking Training Presentations

To mark a presentation as Training:

  1. Grant the following permissions to the Training_vod field on the CLM_Presentation_vod object:
    • Admin - FLS Edit
    • End user - FLS Read
  2. Navigate to the appropriate CLM_Presentation_vod object record.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Select the Training_vod check box.
  5. Select Save.

Using Training Presentations

Users can view training presentations by selecting the Training tab in the media library. The Training tab option is available only if there is at least one training presentation assigned to the user.

Any content created for and marked as Training cannot be included as part of a call report. When viewing regular presentations, Training presentations do not display, and when viewing training presentations, regular presentations do not display.

To add watermarks to training presentations, see Adding Watermarks to Training Presentations for more information.