Using Presentation Attributes to Filter Presentations

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad
  • Windows Tablet

Users with a larger media library can filter using presentation attributes to reduce the number of presentations that display. These filters can be used in conjunction with existing labels and directories. Filters can also be applied to search results to narrow the result list to find the correct presentation.

For example, Larry Lakes is an MSL with 1,000 CLM presentations in his media library. He wants to favorite a specific presentation about Cholecap and Restolar. Larry navigates to his media library, selects the filter button, and filters the Cholecap and Restolar products. After selecting Apply, a list of ten presentations displays. He quickly finds the one he needs and favorites the presentation.


  • Admins can map additional fields from Vault to CRM and use them as filters. See Mapping Fields from Vault for more information.
  • When filters are configured, labels and directories are nested in the Labels option

Configuring CLM Filters

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

To use filters in the CLM media library in the CRM Engage app online:

  1. Activate a VMOC for the Multichannel_Settings_vod object with the Device_vod field set to CRM_Engage_vod.
  2. Activate a VMOC for the Message_vod object with the Device_vod field set to CRM_Engage_vod. Populate the WHERE clause with one of the following options:
  • If the SYNC_CONFIGURATION_MODE_VOD Veeva Setting is enabled with a value of 1, then use WHERE Category_vod__c='CLM' AND NAME IN ('CLM_FILTER_FIELDS') AND Language_vod__c in (@@VOD_USER_LANG_CD@@,'en_us')
  • If the SYNC_CONFIGURATION_MODE_VOD Veeva Setting is not enabled, then ensure the WHERE clause includes the criteria Category_vod__c='CLM'

Filtering Presentations

If multiple field filters are applied, only presentations satisfying all of the fields display. If multiple values within a single field filter are applied, presentations satisfying any of the selected values display.

The following field types are supported:

  • Check box
  • Email
  • Lookup
  • Number
  • Percent
  • Phone
  • Picklist (single and multi-select)
  • Text
  • TextArea
  • Time

The available values displayed in a filter are dependent on previously selected filters, labels, or directories.

When filters are configured, labels and directories are nested in the Labels option.

Users must select Apply to filter the presentations. Users can select Reset to clear all filters, including labels, directories, and fields.

Presentations with empty field values are grouped in the filter Undefined at the bottom of the list of filters.

When searching for CLM presentations, if the entire search term matches exactly to any of the configured filters in the CLM_FILTER_FIELDS Veeva Message, then the search results are filtered by those matches. Results are sorted alphabetically by CLM Presentation name. See Searching the Media Library for more information.