Lightning for Events Management (Sandbox Beta)

Lightning-enabled orgs have access to a dedicated experience on the Browser (Lightning) platform, enabling the use of Salesforce’s enhanced Lightning UI with the capabilities of Events Management.

The Lightning UI beta experience applies to the following Events Management functionality:


  • The Lightning-specific functionality is only intended for testing in sandbox orgs

Configuring Events Management for Lightning

Configuring this functionality involves overriding the New, Edit, and View buttons for the all of the following objects:

  • EM_Event_vod
  • EM_Event_Speaker_vod
  • EM_Event_Budget_vod
  • EM_Event_Team_Member_vod
  • EM_Event_Material_vod
  • EM_Expense_Estimate_vod

Overriding the New and Edit Buttons

To override the New and Edit buttons:

  1. Navigate to the Buttons, Links, and Actions page on the appropriate object.
  2. Select either New or Edit from the drop down menu in the appropriate button row.
  3. Select the appropriate Lightning component in the Lightning Experience Override section based on the object and button:

    Object New Button Edit Button
    • EM_Event_vod
    c:emEventNewOverride c:veevaActionEdit
    • EM_Event_Speaker_vod
    • EM_Event_Budget_vod
    • EM_Event_Team_Member_vod
    • EM_Event_Material_vod
    • EM_Expense_Estimate_vod

    When overriding the New button on the EM_Event_vod object, admins must also select the Skip record type selection page check box.

  4. Select Save.

Overriding the View Button

The process for overriding the View button differs from overriding New and Edit, since admins must set the Lightning page layout as the org wide default:

  1. Navigate to the Lightning Record Pages page on the appropriate object.
  2. Edit the only existing record page.
  3. Select Save without making any changes to the page.
  4. Select Make Page Org Default.

Functionality Differences

The flow of supported Events Management functionality is unchanged from the Browser (Classic) version of the module, with the following exceptions.

Creating Events in Lightning for Events Management

When creating an event, the record type selection page is overridden with a customized event creation flow including details for each defined event type, as well as country selection.

To enable organizers to begin planning events without knowing start and end times, the Start_Time_vod and End_Time_vod fields do not need to be populated initially to create the record.

Adding Speakers in Lightning for Events Management

When adding speakers to an event, the Select Speaker displays as a modal over the event, rather than as a separate page.

Selecting a speaker’s name in this modal displays details about the speaker, along with the option to add them to an event and download their CV file, if available.

In addition to adding speakers one at a time, users can also select multiple speakers to add at once using the check box column before selecting Save.