Managing Related Lists in Lightning for Events Management

  • Browser (Lightning)

To improve managing an event’s related records, for example, attendees, child events, and event speakers, organizers can view and sort each related list in their event. They can also edit certain fields of related records directly from the event.

For example, Sarah Jones hosts a large event with a large number of related records. She learns that one of her attendees, Bob Adams, recently updated his address. Sarah navigates to the Attendees related list of her event, sorts the list of records to locate Bob Adams’s account, then edits and saves his address directly from the Attendee related list view of the EM_Event_vod record.


Lightning for Events Management must be enabled to use this feature.

Viewing and Sorting Related Records

Each related list on an EM_Event_vod record displays as a tab on the record.

Selecting the tab displays a table of all appropriate related records. The table header displays how many total records are in the related list, as well as how many records are currently selected via the check box in each row of the table.

Users can sort the related list by selecting the appropriate column to sort by.

You cannot sort by multi-select picklist, rich text area, or long text area fields.

Editing Related Lists Inline

Users can directly edit certain fields on certain EM_Event_vod related records using inline editing. The following types of related records are supported:

  • EM_Event_vod
  • EM_Attendee_vod
  • EM_Event_Speaker_vod
  • EM_Event_Team_Member_vod
  • EM_Event_Material_vod
  • EM_Event_Budget_vod
  • EM_Event_Session_vod

Users can inline edit fields on these related records if the following conditions are met:

  • The users has FLS edit permission to the field on the related object
  • The field is be marked as editable on the appropriate page layout
  • The field is not a multi-select picklist or one of the unsupported fields for that related object

To edit fields of these related records inline:

  1. Navigate to the EM_Event_vod record.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate related list.
  3. Select the Pencil icon in the field to edit.

  4. Edit the field’s value.

  5. Select Save.

Unsupported Fields for Inline Editing

Multi-select picklists cannot be edited inline, regardless of object. In addition to multi-select picklists, the following fields on the following objects cannot be edited inline:




  • Account_vod
  • Address_vod
  • AV_Equipment_vod
  • City_vod
  • Country_vod
  • End_Date_vod
  • End_Time_vod
  • End_Time_Local_vod
  • Flat_Fee_Expense_vod
  • Location_vod
  • Location_Address_vod
  • Location_Address_Line_2_vod
  • Meal_Type_vod
  • Postal_Code_vod
  • RecordType
  • Start_Date_vod
  • Start_Time_vod
  • Start_Time_Local_vod
  • State_Province_vod
  • Status_vod
  • Time_Zone_vod
  • Topic_vod
  • Vendor_vod
  • Venue_vod
  • Webinar_Status_vod
  • zvod_End_Time_vod
  • zvod_Start_Time_vod


  • Account_vod
  • Child_Account_vod
  • Contact_vod
  • Event_vod
  • NextApprover
  • Queue
  • RecordType
  • Signature_vod
  • Signature_Datetime_vod
  • Signee_vod
  • User_vod


  • Distance_Unit_Type_vod
  • Event_vod
  • RecordType
  • Signature_vod
  • Signature_Datetime_vod
  • Speaker_vod
  • Speaker_Lodging_Nights_vod
  • Speaker_Lodging_Type_vod
  • Speaker_Transportation_Method_vod
  • Speaker_Travel_Distance_vod


  • Event_vod
  • First_Name_vod
  • Group_Name_vod
  • Last_Name_vod
  • RecordType
  • Role_vod
  • Team_Member_vod
  • Team_Member_Type_vod
  • Virtual_Role_vod


  • Clm_Presentation_vod
  • Email_Template_vod
  • Event_vod
  • Material_vod
  • RecordType


  • Budget_vod
  • Event_vod
  • RecordType


  • Event_vod
  • RecordType