SAP Concur Integration with Events Management

Events Management expenses entered in CRM can be submitted to SAP Concur, eliminating the need for users to manually enter expenses in two systems.

The user interface for Expense Entry in Events Management allows for expense lines (SAP Concur Itemizations) and expense attendees to be submitted to SAP Concur. Administrators can control how SAP Concur is integrated in CRM using the SAP Concur Real-Time Administration tab. Non-split expenses can also be submitted to SAP Concur.

For example, Sarah Jones hosts an event where breakfast and lunch are served. Ten attendees join for breakfast and eight join for lunch. Sarah enters the expense in CRM with an expense line for each meal and submits the expense to SAP Concur. In SAP Concur, one expense entry is created with two itemizations, one for each meal. Each itemization includes the appropriate list of associated attendees.

Since this feature integrates Veeva CRM and SAP Concur, two separate configuration processes are required in both of the applications to integrate them: