Generating Virtual Participant URLs in Child Events

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Attendee and speaker participant URLs can now be generated for all child events linked to a parent virtual event when using Event Templates in conjunction with virtual events. This enables easier planning and execution of large virtual events, as it enables teams to share and invite child virtual event attendees to a single virtual session.

For example, a nation-wide virtual event is scheduled by John Adams, which include attendees from across the country. John enables local event organizers to determine which attendees will attend the event in their specific area via child events. Sarah Jones creates and organizes one of these child events and invites several attendees. The generated participant URLs for her attendees automatically associate with the parent event, so when the parent event begins, all of Sarah’s attendees from the child event join the larger parent virtual event.


  • Alternative Hosts are not supported on child virtual events. If child event organizers need co-hosts, they must be added as an Alternative Host on the parent virtual event.
  • The Schedule_Engage_vod button does not display on child virtual events when the corresponding parent virtual event is scheduled
  • Child virtual event organizers cannot start virtual events. If the organizer needs a participant URL, they must be added as an attendee to the parent virtual event.
  • If Virtual Event Attendance Tracking is enabled, attendees and speakers associated with child virtual events are tracked as Remote_Attendee_vod records with an Event_vod field referencing to the child virtual event

    If an attendee or speaker is duplicated across related parent and child virtual events, the Participant URL cannot be resolved to a single event, so the Event_vod field would reference the first event based on SFDC ID.

  • This feature is supported in Lightning for Events Management



To configure this feature:

  1. Grant admins FLS edit and event organizers FLS read permission to the Enable_Participant_URL_Child_Event_vod field on the EM_Event_Rule_vod object.
  2. Add the Enable_Participant_URL_Child_Event_vod field to the page layout assigned to the Child_Event_Settings_vod record type.
  3. Select the Enable_Participant_URL_Child_Event_vod check box for all appropriate EM_Event_Rule_vod records.

Generating Child Virtual Event URLs

To generate URLs for all related child virtual events:

  1. Create a child event under an already scheduled parent event.

    Ensure the Event Configuration used to create the parent virtual event has an associated EM_Event_Rule_vod record with the Enable_Participant_URL_Child_Event_vod check box selected.

  2. Add all appropriate attendees and speakers to the child event.
  3. Select Send Invitations. The generated participant URLs for the added attendees and speakers automatically associate with the parent virtual event.