Alternative Hosts for Virtual Events

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To avoid rescheduling and cancellations if an event organizer is unable to host an event, Event Team Members can be designated as an alternative event host. Alternative event hosts can begin and run virtual events with the same privileges as the event host.

For example, Sarah Jones schedules a virtual event, invites several attendees, then adds Alice Adams as an alternative host. Before the virtual event begins, Sarah becomes sick and is not able to host the event. Rather than reschedule the event, Alice navigates to the event, starts the virtual event, then runs the event as the host.


  • Alternative hosts must be licensed Engage Meeting users
  • Alternative hosts must be an Event Team Member with a Team_Member_Type_vod of User_vod
  • Alternative hosts cannot replace the original host as the host of the virtual event
  • If a virtual event is started by an alternative host, and the original host later joins, the original host reclaims the hosting privileges of the meeting
  • Multiple users can be designated as alternative hosts for the same virtual event
  • When Tracking Virtual Event Attendance is enabled, hosts and alternative hosts are tracked in addition to speakers and attendees


Configuring Alternative Virtual Event Hosts

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant all users FLS edit permission to the following fields:








  2. Place the Virtual_Role_vod field on the appropriate EM_Event_Team_Member_vod object page layouts.

Scheduling Virtual Events with Alternative Hosts

When an event organizer schedules a virtual event, their corresponding EM_Event_Team_Member_vod record is updated with a Virtual_Role_vod of Host_vod.

If an EM_Event_Team_Member_vod does not exist for the host, a corresponding record is automatically added to the event with the Virtual_Role_vod of Host_vod

To add alternative hosts for the virtual event:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate EM_Event_vod record.
  2. Navigate to the list of Event Team Members.
  3. Select Alternative_Host_vod in the Virtual_Role_vod picklist for all appropriate team members.

The Virtual_Role_vod picklist only displays for team members with an Event_Team_Member_Type_vod field of User_vod.

Starting a Virtual Event as an Alternative Host

To start a virtual event as an alternative host:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate EM_Event_vod record.
  2. Select the Start_Webinar_vod button, Start Engage.

Alternative event hosts run virtual events with similar privileges as the event host. See Hosting a Virtual Event for more information.



Alternative Host

Meeting Controls

Start the virtual event

Mute/unmute themselves

Start/stop their video

Share screen (depending on device)

View participants list

Chat with participants

End meeting


Waiting Room, Mute on Entry, Lock Meeting

Managing participants

Mute or Ask to unmute participants

Stop participant's video

Ask participant to start video

Spotlight/Pin a video

Promote participant to host or alternative host

Control participant Chat privileges

Remove participants

Rename participants

Mute controls for all participants

Put participants in Waiting Room

Admit participants from Waiting Room

*Only the meeting host can end the meeting. If an alternative host started the meeting as the host and the original host did not join, the alternative host can end the meeting. If the original host joined and reclaimed hosting privileges, only the original host can end the meeting.

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