Selecting Attendees in Hierarchies

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Account Hierarchies are frequently used to group together affiliated accounts and to display the organizational structure of business accounts or HCOs. To enable easier selection of attendees, event owners can drill down into account hierarchies when adding attendees to their event.

For example, Sarah Jones is organizing a lunch and learn for the Cardiology department of Newton Memorial Hospital. When she adds event attendees to the event, she can drill down into the Newton Memorial Hospital account and can see all the accounts under Newton Memorial Cardiology. Sarah then adds all the accounts to the event using the Bulk-Add Attendees feature.

Enabling Drilling into Hierarchies

To enable this feature, set the Advanced_Attendee_Management_vod Veeva Setting to 1.

This feature is automatically enabled when using Lightning for Events Management.

To display accounts within a hierarchy when adding attendees to an event:

  1. Navigate to the event.
  2. Select Add Attendees.

  3. Select the Hierarchy button () next to the appropriate account.

    Hierarchies do not display when using the Outside Territory Search feature.

  4. Add the appropriate account as an attendee.
  5. Select the Return button. This navigates up in the hierarchy.

Drilling into an account hierarchy clears the Attendee Search Bar.

Using Hierarchy Navigation with the Bulk-Add Attendees feature varies based on platform:

  • iPad – The Hierarchy button does not display when in Select mode
  • Online – When selecting the Hierarchy button or the Return button, all previously selected accounts deselect