Event Tasks

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Tasks can be used to aid in collaboration around event planning to make sure every detail of the event is assigned and completed.

Tasks allow for assignment, reminders, status updates, and completion of event-related tasks, which and can be configured to display in the home page as alerts.

Event Tasks are also available in Lightning for Events Management.

Configuring Event Tasks

To configure this feature, add the Open Activities and Activity History related lists to the appropriate EM_Event_vod object page layouts.

These related lists are only supported on the EM_Event_vod object. Do not add these related lists to the page layouts of any other object in CRM.

Managing Tasks

To create a task:

  1. Navigate to the Open Activities related list of the appropriate record.
  2. Select New Task.
  3. Populate the following fields:

    • Assigned To – Select the appropriate user to assign the task to
    • Subject – Enter the subject of the task that displays on the Open Activites related list
    • Related To – Automatically populates with the record the task was created from
    • Due Date – Populate with the task’s due date
    • Priority – The priority of the task
    • Create Recurring Series of Tasks – Select this check box to automatically create copies of the task at regular intervals. If this check box is selected, populate the following additional fields:
    • Frequency – The frequency of the recurring task
    • Repeat – How frequently new tasks should be created
    • Start and End Date – When the recurring tasks should begin and end
    • Reminder Set – Select this check box to remind the Assigned To user or group to complete the task
  4. Select Save.

Viewing Completing Tasks

Once the task is completed by the assigned user or group, it is automatically removed from the Open Activities related list and displays in the Activity History related list instead. This enables users to view a history of tasks related to a record, as well as when those tasks were completed.