Reconciling Walk-in Attendees

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After an event, users need to reconcile the attendee list by matching the details of walk-in attendees to unique accounts or users in the CRM system. To enable attendee reconciliation:

  1. Add the Attendee_Reconciliation_vod button to the Visible_Buttons_vod field on the appropriate Event_Layout_vod record.
  2. Grant access to the VODAttendeeReconciliation Apex Class.
  3. Grant access to the Event_Attendee_Reconciliation_vod Visualforce Page.

Searching for Matches

The main reconciliation page includes a list of Walk-In attendees and a search area. Users select an attendee from the list to search for possible Account matches in the CRM system.

The Search function uses a weighted search when displaying potential matches. The following fields are used by the Search function, in descending order of weight:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Last Name
  • Zip
  • Territory – indicates if the result is in the user's territory
  • City
  • First Name

The Last Name field is required.

For example, Sarah Jones is based out of Oakland, California and hosts an event. One of the event attendees’ signs in as Fred Miller. When Sarah reconciles the walk-in attendees for the event, there are multiple results for Fred Miller. Because the Territory field is weighed more heavily than the First Name field, Fredderick Miller from Oakland who is in Sarah’s territory, displays before Fred Miller from New Jersey.

Previously, fields were not weighted in search results.

To search for potential matching accounts for the walk-in attendee:

  1. Select the attendee. If any of the searchable fields (Last Name, First Name, Email, City, Phone, or Post Code) were populated on the registration form, those values are pre-populated on the reconciliation search.
  1. Select Search for Matches or Dismiss the walk-in.

    Dismissing a walk-in indicates an attendee does not need to be matched to a CRM account for tracking and reporting purposes and sets the attendee’s Walk In Status to Dismissed_vod. It does not delete the attendee record.

After initiating a search, a user can confirm a match between the walk-in attendee and an existing CRM account or user. Matches can also be reset using the Reset button.

Some attendees are automatically matched to a CRM record. This occurs if there is a single Account or user with an exact match on the Email Address or First and Last names entered on the registration form. To enable auto-matching, enter a value of 1 in the Attendee_Automatch_Mode_vod Events Management setting. A value of 0 disables auto-matching.

The Account, Address, and User objects are used during search. Results for a match are returned with the Name, a list of phone numbers, emails, and all addresses. Matching data displays in red. Stronger matches, for example, matches based on email or exact name match, display at the top.

Once all walk-in attendees have matches or are dismissed, users can Complete Reconciliation. If a user selects Complete Reconciliation before all attendees are matched or dismissed, a confirmation prompt displays indicating all remaining attendees are automatically dismissed. Once the reconciliation is complete, the Attendee_Reconciliation_Complete_vod check box on the EM_Event_vod record is selected. This allows managers and admins to see if reconciliation is complete before closing out an event.

When on the iPad platform, users need to be in connected mode. See Connected and Disconnected Modes for more information.

Only field-level validation errors are supported when adding new walk-in attendees from the reconciliation page.

Returned matches when reconciling walk-in attendees can be limited based on the user or event country. See Limiting Outside Territory Searches for more information.

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