Pricing Rules Overview

Each pricing rule can be assigned globally, per account group, per account, per order campaign, per contract, or per price book. All pricing rules have page layouts that expose exactly the relevant fields for each type.

Every pricing rule follows the concept of effective date pricing, which makes the preparation of soon-to-be-active pricing rules far easier, as they can be loaded into the system at any time. The value in the Order_Date_vod field on the Order_vod object determines which pricing rules and Order campaigns to apply to an Order based on the effective dates of the pricing rules and Order campaigns.

It is generally expected that Pricing Rules are data-loaded using Apex Data Loader or another data loading tool. However, administrators can create a tab for Pricing Rules to manually create or update Pricing Rules in the application. If a tab is created, it should never be exposed to end users.

When entering minimum and maximum quantities in pricing rules, they should never overlap. For example, qty 5 - 15 receives a 10 percent discount, qty 16 - 24 receives a 15 percent discount.

When creating an Order, Standard Rules load when bound Contracts and unbound Campaigns are selected.

Pricing Rules include the following features.

Pricing Rule Record Types

Additional Pricing Rule Features