Viewing and Searching Accounts in My Schedule

  • Browser
  • iPad

To easily find accounts, users can view account information and search for a particular account in My Schedule.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Viewing Accounts in My Schedule

To view the accounts panel, select the account icon in the calendar header. A list of all accounts visible to the user displays.

iPad users can view and search accounts in My Schedule’s Week View, Scheduler View, and Map View. Browser users can view and search accounts from any view. For more information, see Platform Specific Details.

To view account information, select the More Actions button for the account. From the More Actions menu, select either of the following to view more account information:

  • View Account - display the account detail page and account related lists
  • View Account Calendar - display a monthly calendar with all interactions recorded for the particular account. This enables users to easily see the last time they interacted with the account and plan their upcoming calls accordingly. For more information, see Displaying the Multichannel Calendar.

If Identifying Accounts with Account Identifier or Account Name Expansion is enabled, the account identifier also displays in My Schedule.

The account’s primary parent also displays in certain My Schedule views; for more information, see Displaying the Primary Parent with a Business or Person Account's Name.

Searching Accounts

To find a particular account, select the search icon in the account panel to display the search bar. Enter a full or partial account name in the search bar. Search results update dynamically as users type.

The following information displays for each account in the search results:

  • Formatted_Name_vod from the Account object
  • Account_Identifier_vod from the Account object, if populated

On the Browser platform, the following additional information displays:

  • Addresses - each address in the search results is a concatenation of the following fields on the Address_vod object:
  • Name
  • City_vod
  • State_vod
  • Zip_vod
  • If users do not have at least Read FLS for these fields on the Address_vod object, search results do not display. Read FLS should have been granted for all fields on the Address_vod object when Configuring Accounts.

  • Sample status indicator - if users have at least Read FLS to the Sample_Status_vod field on the Address_vod object, the sample status indicator displays

Account addresses display based on the following priority:

  • If the account has a My Preferred Address (Address_vod) value specified on a TSF_vod record for the user's territory, My Preferred Address displays first
  • If the account does not have a preferred address, the primary address displays
  • If the account does not have a primary address, the last-created address for the account displays

Platform Specific Details


The Scheduler pane is similar to the accounts panel. The Scheduler pane is available in all calendar views in Lightning for My Schedule.

Select the Scheduler sidebar to display a panel with Account Lists and Views. When you select an account list or view, the account list is filtered according to that list or view. An account record type icon displays for each account.

To create a call, drag and drop the appropriate account from the panel to a time slot on the calendar.

When creating calls from the Scheduler pane, users can only schedule calls in the week they are currently viewing. Users cannot drag calls to the all-day header in day view or week view, unless Capturing the Call Date Only is enabled.

To search for an account on Browser, select the desired time slot on the calendar, then select Add Calls.

Enter a full or partial keyword in the search bar on the account search modal. Results display as users type.

iPad and Browser

The default account view or list for the Scheduler panel is set by the Last_Scheduler_Account_List_vod field on the Preferences_vod object. If the Last_Scheduler_Account_List_vod field is empty, the All Accounts list displays by default. If users change the view or list, the Last_Scheduler_Account_List_vod field is updated to the new list.

The following views always display as options in the Scheduler pane:

  • All Accounts (or All Child Accounts, if enabled)
  • All Person Accounts
  • All Business Accounts

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