Call Planning Overview

Call Planning enables users to identify and plan the best uses for their time by providing account information in context with other scheduled activities and obligations. From the My Schedule calendar, users can efficiently view their scheduled activities, identify and prioritize accounts to visit, and create call reports for their visits. In some organizations, Call Planning is also tied to incentives and coaching.

Call Planning surfaces relevant information from Account records, which are important sources for data on account addresses, affiliations, channel preferences, and recent interactions.

To streamline the Call Planning process, Suggestions can also be enabled to identify and display the best time, channel, and content for account visits. If users need data beyond the built-in functionality for displaying and filtering account information in My Schedule, admins can create MyInsights visualizations to aggregate and display data relevant to Call Planning. To help users plan and schedule calls according to Cycle Plan goals, Cycle Plan and Multichannel Cycle Plan information can be displayed in My Schedule as well.

Call Planning enables users to perform the following activities:

Scheduling Calls and Activities - Users can access account information, create calls, and block off time for other activities from the four My Schedule interfaces: week view, agenda view, scheduler view, and month view. In addition, admins can enable My Schedule’s map view to help users plan routes for face-to-face calls.

Managing Scheduled Calls and Activities - By default, users can view and manage their scheduled calls and Salesforce standard events in My Schedule. Managers can view their direct reports’ schedules. With additional configuration, users can:

For organizations where booking agents schedule calls, Call Planning’s Call Booking Support functionality enables booking agents to plan and assign calls for other users. See Advanced Functionality for more information on additional Call Planning features.