Classic Cycle Plans Overview

Classic Cycle Plans allow users to see call goals for each target account and product, and the progress toward those goals. Cycle Plans guide users with a list of Target accounts within their Territory to properly promote company brands and messages within a specified time period.

Cycle Plans can be created manually or loaded into Veeva CRM, where users can review their plan and track their progress as they perform calls throughout the period. Additionally, Cycle Plans allow managers and users to plan and track product details against specific targeted accounts.

The Cycle Plan module provides basic Cycle Plan functionality for activities only from the Call2_vod object, whereas Multichannel Cycle Plans allows the use of five objects.

With Classic Cycle Plans, users can do the following tasks:

Admins and End Users

  • Creating a Classic Cycle Plan - Users can create a plan, add targets and goals, add accounts, and submit the plan

Managers and End Users

  • Monitoring Cycle Plan Progress - Managers can track users’ progress and users can see how far along they are in achieving a goal