Default Functionality for Sample Management

The following functionality is automatically available to users after initially configuring Sample Management:

Managing Sample-Related Data

Recording Sample Transactions

  • Transferring Sample Lots To Users - Once the appropriate product records are created, an admin or an external software integration transfers sample lots to users
  • Confirming Product Receipt - End users must confirm the type and quantity of products they receive from sample distributors
  • Transferring Products - If end users have too much of a particular product or are changing territories, they can transfer their products to other users
  • Creating Product Adjustments - End users can create adjustments to their calculated sample inventory to reflect product loss or incorrect calculation
  • Disbursing Products with Call Sampling - End users disburse products to accounts during calls, and record these disbursements on the call report via Call Sampling. When users submit a call report with samples, disbursement-type sample transaction records are created for each sample or BRC selected on the call report.
  • Returning Products - If end users have too much of a particular product or if there is a product recall, they can return products to the sample distributor

Managing Sample Inventory

Supporting Sample Audits

  • Maintaining Sample Data Integrity - Because sampling is highly regulated and controlled, general security controls, data sharing rules, and audit records help maintain data integrity for samples and sample data
  • Unlocking Submitted Sample Transaction and Inventory Records - To help comply with PDMA regulations and create an audit trail, only admins can edit certain parts of past sample transactions, and any changes to sample-related records are automatically recorded in Veeva CRM