Managing Calls and Calendar Entries in My Schedule

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To maintain accurate, up to date schedules, users can review, edit, and delete calls and calendar entries from My Schedule.

By default, four different calendar views are available to accommodate users’ scheduling needs and preferences. Behavior and platform availability differs for each view. For more information on the differences between My Schedule views, see the topic for each view:

The following functionality is the same across all supported platforms and views:

Viewing Calls and Calendar Entries in My Schedule

To view a summary of call or calendar entry information, hover over the entry or select it once. To view the full record, select the entry again. The account name displayed in My Schedule is taken from the value in the Formatted_Name_vod field on the Account object. For child accounts, the primary parent displays under the account name. When account identifiers and account name expansion are enabled, the identifier and expanded account name also display in My Schedule.

To prevent calls from being duplicated on two users’ calendars, calls display in My Schedule based on the OwnerId field on the Call2_vod object instead of the CreatedById field. For example, Sarah Jones transfers a call to Larry Lakes. Even though the CreatedById field is set to Sarah Jones, the OwnerId field is set to Larry Lakes. Because calls display based on OwnerId, the call displays on Larry’s schedule only.

User Attendees in My Schedule

When the --su section signal is used to enable user attendees, calls with user attendees display in dark orange in the attendee’s My Schedule calendar. For information on adding users as call attendees, see Attendee Section Signals.

For CRM Users Attending an Engage Meeting, the owner displays on the corresponding My Schedule entry to enable users to easily see whether they are the owner or an attendee for the meeting.

Editing or Deleting Calls and Calendar Entries in My Schedule

To edit or delete an entry, select the entry and modify the record. If Limiting Call Backdating is configured, call backdating limits apply when editing calls in My Schedule.

In any calendar view, Browser users with Delete OLS for the corresponding object can delete planned or saved calls and calendar entries. Select and hold the call or entry, then select the Delete option from the context menu that displays.

Users cannot edit or delete the following types of entries:

  • Submitted calls
  • Calls with captured signatures - electronic, remote, or paper-based
  • If a signature is captured for any child calls associated to the call, the call cannot be edited or deleted
  • ​​All-day events
  • Calls or calendar entries where the current user is not the record owner