Managing Calls and Activities in Week View

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To enable users to efficiently manage calendar entries, calls, and other appointments a week or two weeks at a time, My Schedule’s Week View displays scheduled calls and entries in a weekly format. From Week View, users can view account information, open Call2_vod, Event, and Time_Off_Territory_vod records, and manage existing appointments.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Viewing Calls and Activities in Week View

My Schedule Week View is formatted like any common calendar program, for example, Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Entries display in time slots for each day, sized to represent their duration. If an entry is less than 30 minutes long, the time slot is the size of a 30 minute entry to maintain visibility of its caption. If entries share a time slot, they are staggered in the same time slot.

Select an entry to open a popover displaying both high-level details and context-sensitive actions.

Editing Calls and Activities in Week View

To move an entry to a different date, select and hold the entry. Then, drag the entry to the desired date. Alternatively, select an entry to open the corresponding record for editing.


To reschedule entries in Lightning for My Schedule, drag and drop the entry to the appropriate time, or drag the upper or lower edges of the entry.


To edit duration, select and hold the entry, then drag either of the resize buttons at the corners of the entry.

Use the Select button to delete one or more calls. Select the appropriate entries, then select Delete and confirm the deletion.

Platform Specific Details


For iPad users, select a call to view additional information in a call detail popover:

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