Scheduling Calls in Week View

  • Browser (Classic, Lightning)
  • iPad
  • Windows Tablet

To enable users to efficiently plan events, account visits, and other appointments a week or two weeks at a time, My Schedule’s Week View displays a user’s scheduled calls and calendar entries in a weekly format. From Week View, users can schedule calls and calendar entries, view account information, open call reports, and manage existing appointments.

For example, Sarah Jones is planning her upcoming week. She easily identifies a time to make an additional call to Dr. Ackerman. She drags and drops Dr. Ackerman’s name to add the call to her calendar. Sarah continues to revisit her schedule throughout the week when planning appointments.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Scheduling Calls in Week View

To schedule a new call, drag an account from the account panel to the desired time slot in the calendar.

Platform Specific Details

Browser (Classic)

In addition to dragging and dropping accounts to schedule calls, Browser (Classic) users can schedule new calls by selecting the appropriate time slot on the weekly calendar, or by right-clicking a date and selecting Add Call from the context menu that displays.

The Account Search modal displays, prompting users to search for the account. Select the appropriate account, then select the Add button to schedule the call.

Browser (Lightning)

To schedule a call, left select a time slot on the calendar, then select Add Call to display the account search modal.

Select the appropriate account from the modal, then select OK to create the call.


iPad users can schedule or reschedule calls across weeks by dragging calls to the edge of the schedule for at least one second:

  • To move a call to a past week, drag the call to the left edge of the schedule and drop the call on the appropriate date and time
  • To move a call to a future week, drag the call to the right edge of the schedule and drop the call on the appropriate date and time

Once users drop a call, the call is scheduled for the selected date and time. For rescheduled calls, the call status remains the same—for example, when a user reschedules a planned call, the call remains in planned status.

Windows Tablet

In Week View, Windows Tablet users can schedule calls in two additional ways:

  • Selecting the plus icon in the calendar header, then dragging New Call to the appropriate date
  • Selecting and holding the appropriate time slot, then select New Call from the menu

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