Managing Calls and Calendar Entries in Agenda or Day View

  • Browser (Classic, Lightning)
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet

My Schedule’s Agenda View enables users to view and schedule calls and calendar entries one day at a time. Calls and calendar entries display for each day in a list. In Lightning for My Schedule, Day View is available instead of Agenda View. Users can create calls and view or edit calls and calendar entries from Day View.

For example, Sarah Jones views her upcoming calls for the day from My Schedule’s Agenda View. She has a meeting with Dr. Ackerman at Newton Memorial Hospital from 2:30 PM to 3 PM, and then a meeting scheduled immediately after at A Center for Dermatology. Since she needs additional time to travel from her meeting with Dr. Ackerman to her meeting at A Center for Dermatology, she opens the call report for the 3 PM meeting and edits it to start at 3:30 PM.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Viewing Calls and Calendar Entries in Agenda View

Each entry type displays pertinent information about the entry—for example, call type, detailed products, account identifier, and call address. Users can select from context sensitive actions for each call or entry type—for example, viewing, editing, or deleting the call or calendar entry, viewing the account summary, or launching CLM.

Modifying Calls and Calendar Entries in Agenda View

To edit or delete calls and calendar entries, users can either:

  • Select the call or calendar entry to display the record
  • Select the More Actions button, or select and hold the entry, to display the context menu

Platform Specific Details

Browser (Classic)

To edit call or calendar entry information from Agenda View on the Browser (Classic) platform, select the Edit link. To delete a call or calendar entry, select the Del link.

Browser (Classic) users can also edit call and calendar entry times inline. To edit time from Agenda View, select the time field, then select the appropriate time from the picklist.

Depending on call report configuration, additional call fields display and are available for inline editing in Browser (Classic)’s Agenda View—for example, Call Address and Pre-Call Notes.

Browser (Lightning)

To reschedule calls or calendar entries in Lightning for My Schedule, drag and drop the call or calendar entry to the appropriate time, or drag the upper or lower edges of the call or calendar entry.

iPad and iPhone

  • If CLM is enabled, iPad users can select Launch Media from the More Actions menu to begin a CLM presentation

  • If there are several detail products on the call report, a plus icon displays next to the list of detailed products on the call entry. Select the plus icon to view the full list of detailed products.
    • For standard group calls, the text Detailing Priority displays at the top of the detailing priority list
    • For group calls with unique activities enabled, the text Detailed Products displays at the top of the detailing priority list

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