Managing Calls and Activities in Month View

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For users who prefer to plan and manage calls and activities for several weeks at a time, My Schedule’s Month View enables users to view, edit, and delete their commitments on a monthly basis.

Ensure initial configuration is complete to use this functionality.

Viewing Calls and Activities

The monthly calendar displays the user's calls and activities in a calendar grid. Each day displays entries in a stacked format. If there are more entries than can fit in a day, the number of additional entries displays at the bottom of the day’s cell. Select the number to expand the cell and show all calls and entries for the day. Multi-day entries display on all days the entry duration spans, based on the user’s time zone.

Editing or Deleting Calls and Activities

  • To move an entry to another day, drag and drop the entry to the desired date
  • To edit other information, select the entry to open the record for editing
  • To delete an entry, select and hold the entry, then select the Delete option from the context menu for the entry

Deleting calls and calendar entries is partially supported in the current version of Lightning for My Schedule. For more information, see Lightning for My Schedule.

Users cannot edit or delete submitted calls.

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