• Browser
  • CRM Desktop (Mac)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

End users can remotely capture signatures for BRC sampling outside of an Engage meeting. This is useful if the user is meeting with an account remotely, for example, over Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but still wants to disburse BRCs.

For example, Sarah Jones meets with Dr. Clinton Ackerman using his preferred method of virtual communication. Dr. Ackerman requests a BRC sample of Cholecap. Sarah uses the Share Link signature method to send a link to Dr. Ackerman via iMessage. When Dr. Ackerman selects the link on his device, he is guided through a process on his device’s web browser and signs for the BRC.


  • Share Links are a signature method selected from the Signature Setup Page
  • Only BRC-type products can be signed for
  • Remote signature capture is supported for person account calls, both with and without the --paa section signal, as well as unique activity child calls. It is not supported for standard group calls.
  • A user can only request one remote signature at a time. Requesting signatures from multiple browser tabs, devices, or platforms at the same time is not supported.
  • The link is valid as long as the Requesting screen displays in CRM
  • Links are only valid for one signature
  • Links can only be opened in one browser tab at a time and become invalid as soon as the HCP submits their signature
  • The following features are not supported for Browser users capturing remote signatures:
  • Approved Email Receipts for Signature Transactions
  • Creating Sample and Product Limits
  • Supporting State Distributor License Validation
  • Sampling with Mid-level Practitioners
  • The following browsers are not supported when signing:
  • Internet Explorer
  • UC Browser
  • Desktop WeChat on Windows


Configuring Remote Signature Capture for Sampling

To configure this feature:

  1. Grant admins the following permissions:

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS
    Call2_vod n/a n/a
    • Remote_Signature_Attendee_Name_vod
    • Signature_Captured_Share_Link_vod
    Sample_Order_Transaction_vod n/a n/a
    • Signature_Captured_Share_Link_vod
    Sample_Order_Transaction_Audit_vod n/a n/a
    • Signature_Captured_Share_Link_vod
  2. Grant end users FLS edit permission to the following Call2_vod fields:

    • Remote_Signature_Attendee_Name_vod
    • Signature_Captured_Share_Link_vod

Using Remote Signature Capture for Sampling

Users can request signatures via iPad, iPhone, and Browser platforms.

Generating Signature Requests from an iPad

To generate and share a link for an attendee to use to sign for BRCs using an iPad:

  1. Use the Signature Setup page to select Share Link for the Signature Method.
  2. Select Next.
  3. Select the appropriate application to share the generated link with the attendee. After selecting the appropriate option, the end user must remain in Veeva CRM until the attendee provides their signature.

    Links display as text in iMessage if the user is not added to the attendee’s contact list.

If an acceptable application is not available, select Copy to copy the link to the device’s clipboard. Users must paste the link into the appropriate application, send the link to the HCP, and return to the Veeva CRM app while the HCP provides a signature. If users do not promptly return to the Veeva CRM app, a notification reminds them to return to the app.

Generating Signature Requests on the Browser Platforms

To generate and share a link for an attendee to use to sign for BRCs from the Browser platform:

  1. Select the Request Signature button from the More Actions menu on the Call Report to display the Signature Setup page.

  2. Use the Signature Setup page to select Share Link for the Signature Method.

    Online users cannot request receipts when remotely capturing signatures.

  3. Select the Copy Link button to copy the link to the device’s clipboard.

  4. Paste the link into the appropriate application or messaging system to share with the HCP.

Canceling Signature Requests

For online users, select the Cancel Request button from the link sharing screen to cancel signature requests.

When users cancel a signature request, a screen displays to the HCP indicating that the signature request is canceled. The HCP cannot submit a signature until the user creates a new signature request from the Signature Setup screen.

Providing a Remote Signature

When an attendee is requested to sign for a BRC remotely, they receive the link via the application selected by the end user.

Selecting the link displays the internet browser, where the signer can review requested BRCs, sign, and submit their signature via their browser.

Reviewing Remote Signatures

After the HCP signs for the BRC, the end user can review the signature and either accept the signature or request the signer to sign again. If Displaying HCP Information on the Signature Page is enabled, the HCP’s display name is shown on the signature page. When users capture an HCP signature, the value in the Signature_Page_Display_Name_vod field for that account is stamped on the Call2_vod, Sample_Order_Transaction_vod, and Sample_Order_Transaction_Audit_vod records.

After accepting the signature, the call displays. For auditing purposes, calls where a BRC was signed for remotely automatically have the Signature_Captured_Share_Link_vod check box selected. Any resulting Sample_Order_Transaction_vod and Signature_Order_Transaction_Audit_vod records made from the call also have this check box selected.

Admins can run reports on the Call2_vod, Sample_Order_Transaction_vod, and Sample_Order_Transaction_Audit_vod objects to review a list of all calls and sample order transaction/audit records where a signature was captured remotely. The appropriate Sample Order Transaction and Audit fields are automatically stamped by triggers when users create call records, to preserve data integrity and provide an audit trail.