Default Functionality for Call Sampling

The following functionality is automatically available to users after initially configuring Call Sampling:

Recording Sample Disbursements

  • Selecting Products - In the Samples and Promotional Items section of the call report, users select the type and quantity of items disbursed during a call
  • Selecting Sample Recipients on Group Calls - On group calls, users select a recipient for samples, promotional items, high value promotional items, reprints, and custom items
  • Creating Sample Requests/BRCs - Users can create sample requests, also known as Business Reply Cards (BRCs), to order samples for delivery to HCPs
  • Saving a Call with Samples - When users save a call report with samples, data is validated and certain fields on the call report become read-only for data accuracy and compliance with sampling regulations

Capturing Signatures for Sampling

Submitting a Call with Samples

  • Submitting a Call with Samples - When a user submits a call report with samples, sample transaction or sample order transaction records are automatically created. Sample validation occurs again to ensure the account is eligible to receive samples.
  • Canceling Sample Requests/BRCs - Users can cancel a submitted sample request/BRC before the shipment is sent to the HCP to help minimize the number of unwanted shipments and avoid mistakes