Core CRM

The items included in this section make up the core of Veeva CRM: 

  • Accounts – Accounts are at the core of many parts of CRM, and many objects in CRM reference accounts

  • Products – Veeva CRM's Product Catalog contains all product types available for use within the various modules of the application

  • Call Reporting – Call reporting enables users to capture every aspect of their interactions with HCPs

  • Sample Management – Samples Management supports compliant Samples Management as well as Electronic Signature Capturing for both paper-based and electronic-based sampling of Non-Controlled and Controlled Substances

  • Approved Notes – Approved Notes enables customers to monitor free-text fields on any object in CRM for compliance purposes while enabling end users to record notes directly in CRM

  • Order Management – Order Management allows users to efficiently capture, price, discount, and process orders for single or multiple products from pharmacies, hospitals, and other institutions

  • Inventory Monitoring – Inventory Monitoring allows users to collect information about product displays and inventory in pharmacies and other consumer outlets

  • Contracts– Contracts allow users to capture an agreement with an account

  • Cycle Plans – Cycle Plans provide the ability to guide users with a list of targets within their territory to properly promote company brands and messages within a specified time period

  • Surveys – Surveys are groups of questions CRM users answer about accounts

  • Medical Inquiries – Medical Inquiries can be used to track inquiries submitted by users on behalf of HCPs

  • Medical Events – The Medical Events module allows users to capture basic details about an event, invite guests, capture guest signatures, and post expenses to SAP Concur

  • Coaching Reports – Coaching Reports are a type of Survey that allow customers to create targeted forms for coaching and mentoring between managers and sales representatives

  • Veeva CRM Standard Metrics – Veeva CRM has standard metrics for user type, call channel, and user country data