Inventory Monitoring Overview

Inventory Monitoring is a CRM module that allows users to track products in every aspect: capturing placement information, comparing placements to contracts, checking product levels to suggest reorders, and more. Inventory Monitoring allows users to capture simple data, such as the number of facings, their position, layers, and horizontal and vertical spread, as well as visual representations of products, services, and product data at the pharmacy.

Inventory Monitoring eliminates the need for paper records when collecting information about product displays and inventory in pharmacies and other consumer outlets. Customers often refer to this process as ‘store check.’ Users can also document pharmacy stock, moved goods, and consumer prices. Users often capture inventory information on the same products their customers order. Often, Inventory Monitoring records drive new orders.

Users can perform the following tasks with Inventory Monitoring:

  • Create and customize inventory records
  • Gather inventory information and records results
  • Synchronize inventory monitoring records
  • Review negotiated listing contracts
  • Plan customer calls and drive new orders

Inventory Monitoring can be accessed in CRM from:

  • My Accounts
  • Account Detail page
  • Inventory Monitoring Related List
  • Account Timeline
  • Call Report