About 22R1.0

This topic provides information about the Veeva CRM 22R1.0 major release, including important dates, webinar information, and release announcements.

All dates listed are subject to change.

Dates to Remember

  • March 24, 2022– Release Notes available
  • March 31, 2022 – Sandbox release
  • April 14, 2022 – Production release


View the presentation recording here.

Release Notes

The following items are now available:


New Date for the 22R3.0 Major Release

The 22R3.0 major release is rescheduled to December 8, 2022 (previously December 15, 2022). To provide a three-week sandbox period, the 22R3.0 sandbox release is rescheduled to November 17, 2022. Additionally, the 22R2.3 minor release is canceled to support rescheduling the 22R3.0 major release. For a full list of the release dates for 2022, see About CRM Releases.

Authentication Change for SAP Concur Integration

SAP Concur will change how authentication works for integrations with partner software, including Veeva CRM. Any customers with CRM environments connected to SAP Concur need to reconnect and authenticate from within Concur’s App Center. This change will be available in the 22R1 (April '22) release. If connections are not updated by June 30th, 2022 customers may see errors in their integration. See SAP Concur Overview for more information.

Ending ASSMCA Validation

Beginning in 22R1 (April ‘22), ASSMCA licenses will no longer be validated in Veeva CRM. Since Puerto Rico no longer requires ASSMCA license validation for controlled substance sampling to HCPs, ASSMCA_vod and Ship_ASSMCA_vod fields will no longer be validated, stamped, or displayed on signature pages.

Updated Device and Software Requirements for CRM Desktop (Windows) and Windows Tablet

Starting in 22R1 (April ‘22), CRM Desktop (Windows) and Windows Tablet have updated minimum specifications to ensure the best experience when using Veeva CRM. See CRM Desktop (Windows) and CRM for Windows Tablet for more information.

End of Support for iOS 13

Starting in 22R1 (April ‘22), Veeva CRM requires iPadOS/iOS devices to be running iOS 14 or greater. Users with devices running iOS 13 or earlier will not be able to upgrade the app to the 22R1 version. A notification will display indicating they are on an unsupported iOS version. See CRM for iOS for more information about supported hardware and software for iOS devices.

Updating Engage Meeting License Management

Engage license management is being updated for the 22R1.0 release. The following conditions and changes apply to this update:

  • The sandbox release for 22R1.0, currently scheduled for March 31, 2022, will upgrade sandbox orgs with three new fields on the User object:

    • Engage_Group_Request_vod
    • Engage_Group_Provisioning_Status_vod
    • Engage_Group_vod

    Also, the Engage_Group_vod field will automatically populate based on users’ currently assigned Engage groups. This field information is only available to the VAdmin.

  • Admins will not be able to add or remove users from Engage groups during the following times:

    • Friday, April 1, 9:00 am–5:00 pm PST– Only sandbox orgs
    • Friday, April 15, 9:00 am–5:00 pm PST– Both sandbox and production orgs

    Engage functionality will not be interrupted during these times.

See Engage Group Management for more information.

CRM Desktop (Windows) Support

Starting in 22R1 (April '22), the CRM Desktop (Windows) app will have the following restrictions and requirements:

  • Only WebView2 will be supported
  • Windows 8 will no longer be supported
  • Only the 64-bit version of Windows 10 or higher will be supported

Veeva CRM Standard Metrics

Veeva CRM Standard Metrics enable customers to capture better insights, normalize data across regions and orgs, and increase downstream innovation. The following standard metrics fields will be mandatory in 22R1 (April ’22):

As of 22R1, the Call_Channel_vod field is non-configurable and must be populated on every call report. If the Country_Code_vod and User_Type_vod fields are not populated already, mobile device users are required to enter their country and user type when they log in to Veeva CRM.

Based on customer feedback, the following optional features are now available for the Standard Metrics Call Channel:

  • Auto-Populating the Call Channel - Admins can configure the Standard Metrics Call Channel field to auto-populate based on existing custom fields. This functionality is supported for Browser (Classic), iPad, iPhone, and Windows Tablet users.
  • Restricting Call Channels - Admins can disable unapproved call channels (Email, Chat or Text, Other) from the Standard Metrics Call Channel picklist. This functionality is supported for iPad, iPhone, and Windows Tablet users.

Salesforce’s Multi-factor Authentication Requirement Moved to 2023

Last year, Salesforce announced that beginning February 1, 2022, they will require customers to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) in order to access their orgs. Salesforce is now extending the MFA requirement deadline for Veeva customers until 2023. Further details with dates will be announced as they are released from Salesforce. For more information on implementing MFA, see Requiring Multi-Factor Authentication for Salesforce.

Deprecating Platform Support

The following platforms will no longer be supported after the 23R3.0 release:

After the 23R3.0 release, orgs which have not transitioned to Lightning will continue to be upgraded but Veeva CRM functionality will not be supported on the Browser (Classic) platform. Functionality is not guaranteed to work as expected on the Browser (Classic) platform after 23R3.0, and Veeva CRM updates and bug fixes will no longer be available for Browser (Classic).

End of Support

See End of Support for a list of deprecated features, devices, and OS versions.