Restricting Call Channels

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To ensure users are only presented with compliant call channel options, admins can choose to disable the Email, Chat or Text, and/or Other call channels so they are not available for selection on the call report.

For example, Verteo BioPharma’s users are not allowed to use Chat or Text to interact with HCPs. Alice Adams, an admin, specifies the Chat or Text option as a restricted call channel. When Sarah Jones creates a call report and selects a call channel, she cannot select Chat or Text. Instead, she selects the Phone option and plans her phone call to Dr. Ackerman.

This feature is not yet available. For more information, see the Veeva CRM Standard Metrics announcement on the home page.


  • This feature restricts call channel options when the REQUIRE_CALL_CHANNEL_vod Veeva Setting is enabled. See Selecting a Call Channel for more information on the feature and new UI.


Configuring Restrictions on Call Channel Options

To restrict call channel options, enter a double semicolon delimited list of the restricted options, without spaces, in the RESTRICTED_CALL_CHANNELS_vod Veeva Setting. The list must start with a set of double semicolons. For example: ;;Email_vod;;Message_vod;;

The text in the RESTRICTED_CALL_CHANNELS_vod Veeva Setting must exactly match the following call channel API names:

API Name

Picklist Label




Chat or Text



No other values are supported.

Using Restrictions on Call Channel Options

Users cannot select restricted call channel options, which are displayed in gray, from any call channel entry point or from the Channel selector on the call report.

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